"As long as you can love and live moment to moment
            love will come in time and in the right way." --Mr. Kelsch
Blender of Love Digest September 2001

Labor of Love Day

It's labor day, the fourth one that the Love Blender's been around. Crazy, in school terms, that's a college undergraduate career. Strange to think of, school years are a milestone you miss, and the challenge is to keep growing and developing, in thought and art and hope and faith and charity...

Ok, enough rambling. August was a good month for poems, plus we have the results of Gala's Summer Contest to boot.

Plus, a special opportunity for women writers...a book editor is making a collection of women's Poison Pen Letters (tentatively titled "Hell Hath No Fury"), you can send yours in for possible publication, here are the details. (Note that while she mentions the letters need not have been sent I think she isn't looking for works of fiction per se.)

--Kirk, Blender-Keeper

Front Page Picks
Mere Observation By scqueen.
Yowza. Great, tight wordplay and imagery.
dive By bethgirl.
A good poem, an interesting format.
Tangerine By Misti Lake, Submitted by Misti.
A response to a project greenlight challenge...the idea is to work a certain list of things into a story. Usually the results feel really contrived, but this one works.
An Undying DReAm By distant moon.
I like this work for its...peculiarities
one in the pod By the guppy.
Always good to see the guppy.
Don't By sweetness.
What not to do.
BK's Hog Wild Harley Ride By B.K..
I don't like Hog Harleys that take such glee in make such amounts of backfiring mechanical-fart noise, but I can still see where this poem is coming from.
directions. By deevaa.
From a journal entry, nice slice of life.
Quote By Mr. Kelsch (My English/Speech teacher), Submitted by blue sky to your clouds.
A teacher's note in a student's yearbook, also this month's top-page quote. A message of earth faith.
Poor Charlie Brown By flash.
A view of an almost archetypical scene. (But what I wonder about, what about the cases where Lucy warns Charlie Brown, and he runs anyway?)
Oedipus Cried, Jocasta Died By TJ Holland.
I'm 5 By TJ Holland.
A view of time, I was impressed by the form.
Time By ~*Truelies*~.
This work has an elegant close.
distant anguish By violet.
Measuring the distance.
Haunting By salty_cat14.
Ambiguous dream.
Bit of Life By Stephen.
Summer Day's By Dream-Girl.
Sleepy summer romance. Maybe not so sleepy.
I Would By shayan73.
I don't know why, but something about the puncuation of the last two lines gives me shivers.
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Gala's Summer Love Competition
A few hearty souls celebrated summer and its songs...
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The letter sent to me by the editor of the Poison Pen book. Be sure to tell her the Blender sent ya.
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