"All our loves are first loves."
--Susan Fromberg Schaeffer

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < november 2005 >
November is once again upon us!
Beautiful Pressed Flower Works at

Nice Thought for a Holiday Gift!

That means the Holidays will soon be here... at the risk of abusing my "bully pulpit" here as Blender Keeper, I want to say that the stuff my friend Denyse is doing at Orchidae Pressed Flowers is absolutely lovely, and would make some fantastic gifts...a bouquet usually lasts a couple of days but these arrangements are in it for the long haul.

The framed works are probably out of the "impulse buy" range, but the Art Note Cards are very affordable and all of it is really and truly gorgeous. My girlfriend Ksenia did some work with Denyse before she started art school, so I've seen the painstaking arrangement process firsthand.

Anyway, it was another terrific month for works here at the Blender... worth waiting for the (now seeming to become a regular "feature", alas) delay. Read and Enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

Cast Iron Pan
I Hope
Two by Leela, both with a stirring awareness of aging and emotional loneliness.

Wind and Wine - Angel.
I liked the image with the television reception.

Without - Ali
Provocative tangle of thoughts and questions.

Bio~Feel~Ya - B.K.
Don't know if she's talking about chakras or what but it sounds pretty cool.

After Last Call, Tucumcari, New Mexico - chris
Notes from a road trip.

Not So Dark Horse
Shandi Sets Her Stalker Straight
Two by Misti, both full of the detail the she knows how to work with so well. There's something stirring about the second one and its tale of a Skanky Don Quixote.

Cinderella - corinna
A version not about to be released for the first time on DVD.

the loneliness of enlightenment - aparajita
Almost reads like a Buddhist sermon.

far from home - darwin
A study in desire.

Stay - sassy
If that's the most powerful word, I think that explains why "go home" can be such a devastating instruction.

broken smile
place me there
Two by i'm just him. ijh is so good at putting in the little hook or nice little image.

yeah, but?
frightfully yours
Two by goldflakes, a new voice on the Blender.

$1.75 - Duke Kiowa
Grief-stricken small work.

Blender Feature Ramble
The Blender-Keeper musing out loud about the risks of going out on a limb...and the risks of not doing so. (Featuring the return of crude "paintbrush" heart cartoons!)

Heart on Sleeve Corner
141 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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