"Love is so short, and forgetting so long..."
--Pablo Neruda

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < december 2005 >
December is here. Arriving With a vengeance, for some parts of the USA...cold and snow and ice and darkness abound.
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Nice Thought for a Holiday Gift!

I think these works, sent to the Blender during November, might reflect the change of the season. There's a dark vibe shared by many of them...but it's some phenomenal writing. (Sometimes it seems that too often the quality of a work is in inverse proportion to its happiness...)

This month we feature a Holiday-Themed Ramble by our own sassy...good, thoughtful stuff, graced (if that's the word) by a small cartoon by your faithful Blender Keeper.

So, find some place warm, eat something hot, snuggle with someone fun, read and enjoy...
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

I haven't seen you smile in forever
What if I had kissed you?
Two melancholy and intense prose pieces by Star of David...great stuff, click on her pen-name to read her other recent works.

i have loved you
paper lantern
Another pair of really well done works, by darwin.

The Old Phedinkus - Damon Runyon
From the story "Tobias the Terrible"...Damon Runyon's works were the inspiration for the musical Guys & Dolls.

Love As A Molecule - Angel.
In high school, our favorite post-Guys-&-Dolls injoke was plays on "Chemistry." "Chemistry?" "Yeah...chemistry."

The Lip-Lock Transformer - ~Harem~
No way am I gonna let a well-written piece in praise of "full fructose lips" go by without making it a frontpage pick...

peak color - chris
IHNMCIJLS "viva us". (I Have No Meaningful Comment I Just Like Saying "viva us")

ovulation - twinkle
Sexy and dark.

second chance - musicalduck
Second chances can be hard to come by.

Hello Again Pot Roast - Cryingshame58
Pot Roast and the way time passes...

Shortest fairy tale ever told - Unknown
Submitted by cryingshame58. Ok, a dumb little fun cynical bit of email-lore, but it made me grin.

Never Enough - Dana
Another sad voice.

the secretive smile of a woman - aparajita
Wow....extremely sensual piece.

a forever fling - i'm just him
"ijh" continues to build this great short works, each built around a tiny kernal of a great and original thought.

The Sunday I Await - Marshall Hann / blessed23
I'm really fond of the way Hann uses parenthetical asides.

Untitled - unconditional
"Nothing more than lovers, just a little less than friends"...Untitled by unconditional is unflinching.

Thoughts - AnUncensoredOralHistory
Almost existential.

on letting go - asiamee
Ending things on a bit more of an up-note, wondering outloud if a best friend is rushing things a bit too much...the last big pargraph is a keeper.

A Holiday Ramble
Sassy on this Christmas season...

Heart on Sleeve Corner
88 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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