"Love talks and talks.
Lust is brief and to the point."
--Mason Cooley

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < july 2007 >
Welcome to the Blender of Love, July 2007 Edition. Probably the latest edition ever! But... I got it out before those Harry Potter books, so maybe it can be a kind of appetizer.

To quote wikipedia:
The exact nature of how "love-magic" works is unknown; it is studied in-depth at the Department of Mysteries.
So go to it! This is research! Read and Enjoy,
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

of change and love - darwin
Lovely minimalist piece.

Partita in B Minor - chris
I appreciated the compact muscularity of these lines.

The wise one - Star of David
The Zen story referenced here is one I've found deeply personally relevant as of late.

Odds and Ends
Two by Ali. The second drops a lot of cultural references, I always have a weakness for that.

Smile Darlin - B.K.
The lure of the stage...

Whimper - callaphair
Commentary on failure.

We Will Never Have Paris - CryingShame58
Might be a work in progress but is pretty good as it stands.

gypsy turns - lilla
"This is never gonna be easy".

apropos horoscope - aparajita
Looks like Aparajita found this horoscope on June 1, but it's probably more generally relevant than that.

modern day romance - i'm just him
Sweet nostalgia.

Untitled - cjking / hairdiva
I've been captivated by breathing ever since sitting behind that one lovely girl in ninth grade math.

Somehow - Abogada / abogadalbny
Laying down, or with, the law.

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55 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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