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A chilly but happy start to summer here at the Blender of Love!

This month's featured work is What THESE Women Want, a great piece of writing by a Portugeuse friend of mine called Johnny - you might not 100% agree with everything she says, speaking for her and friends, but you gotta admit it's quite the work. (It might even have helped your loyal Blender-Keeper find romance...)

Another great month for new works on the Blender, so as always, Read and Enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Kirk in Japan
"Love without passion is dreary; passion without love is horrific."
--Lord Byron
front page picks

What THESE Women Want - "Johnny"
brilliant, clear prose from whichsurprisedher.blogspot.com

A Blush of Dawn - B.K.
Some original photography and a cute little poem - and this month's top of the page quote.

Love Quotes~ - B.K.

True Lies - Echolocation
Thoughts on a dream.

Matter Horn - Briana Kassia
What's the matter, horn?

evening candle... - jack
Just the wax.

Endangered Love - Elizabeth Fontaine Grieco / Zabette
Navigation of romance.

closed coffin - Lilla
Morbid thought.

Thank, Adore ,Make Every Rule - Farah / twisted_lie
First two lines are insightful.

In A Softly Lighted Room - RobT105
I just like the word (and concept) "chakra".

Naked Lights - Marshall Hann / Blessed23
Love the ending stanza of this one.

Just For Us - beginagain
Just a night.

Second Chances - RebeccaBeth_88
Almost Dorothy Parker-esque!

Lady of the Lake - Belinda
The author says "Wrote this a year ago while lying on a blanket under a pine tree near the lake"

Yes - KxoxoR