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To again quote Mary Koncel, "Sugar, your thighs are hives of honey, and I am the Bumble Bee of Love."

Summer is finally buzzing its way into my neck of the woods, and romance is even swinging back into your faithful Blender-Keeper's life. But, I only let that let me be a few days late(r than usual) with your regular Blender Digest!

Lots of great works this month, so read and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Kirk in Japan
"We reason deeply when we forcibly feel."
--Mary Wollstonecraft
front page picks

Jill & Matt Met At Work - Jill Marleah / Matthew Jesse
Amazingly aweseome Wedding Invite (via manolobrides.com)

~EBB TIDE~ - ~Harem~
Riptide - Briana Kassia
Two pieces on the kinds of tides...

Ambivalence - stephen
What stephen is.

You in the Rearview: A Novel - chris
I'm interested to see where this is going.

Vintage bk - B.K.
With a cherry on top.

hush now shhh... - jack
Another image/word combo.

Dating History - musicalduck
If it's not the future it might as well be history.

Get Excited Over Me - RainbowChaser
A very simple but important command.

In denial - Farah / twisted_lie
Ah the power of logic.

Myself - marfell1964
Difficulty of self appreciation.

thanks to you - ski / annski808
The format seems a little long on the eyes, but that kind of echoes the content.

Written in the Water - RebeccaBeth_88
Lovely, lovely title.

The Ravioli Song - Mercy Echenique
Here in part because a lifetime ago I was told our making out was like pasta, you always wanted some more.

OK - Hollie, Asker, and everyone else / Jane Doe
Well-structured little piece.

book review review - Kirk, Blender-Keeper
This month's top of the page quote from a review of "A Vindication of Love"