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It's Tax Season! But also Spring, which is a great season for romance. And as taxing as romance can be, it's always worth it.

Another fine month here on the Blender of Love, with lots of neat stuff to read and see. So I hope you'll dig in, and as always, read and enjoy...
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords

Kirk in Japan
"I don't know just what you heard,
But 'Come on, Baby' are my favorite words."
--Lyle Lovett
front page picks

Lacunar Vals - 9000
Great exercise in Graphic Design by "9000"

Liquid Kiss - Laurel Ahlfeld
Yow, sensuous!

Sprung - Briana Kassia
Nice bittersweet ode to spring.

Border Crossing - Camelia Lissenhold
Love the closing stanza of this one.

Beware Of The Man With Elbow Patches - B.K.
Just a nice little ramshackle poem.

The Coke Act - Star of David
Sometimes it's more than just carbonation and corn syrup...

i tremble... - jack
A little hard to read on the photo image but the words are great.

Chatsi - Farah / twisted_lie
Twinkle, twinkle.

The water it sits in - i'm just him
Still always digging IJH's little twists.

Completely Complex - RebeccaBeth_88
Good use of music as a metaphor.

tiz thing called wUv - Jane Doe
I was taken in m by the opening and it was all gravy from there.

Sailing and Flying - Ria / FalconRia
Nice small piece.

My Thoughts of Hers - Edmundo Daudi
He said, she said.

Drifting - annski / oo7dustyrain
A lot of potential in this new voice on the Blender.

Untitled - spanish johnny
Another new voice-- good use of detail.

Only Love - Lamar Cole
Sweet, simple.