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March is here and Spring is sidling its way into the Blender of Love.

It's been a soggy, soggy time in Boston - I think we avoided major blizzards by about 5 or 10 degrees two or three times, but we're here, saturated but with a song in our hearts!

Plenty of good stuff on the 'Blender, so keep on reading, and keep on writing!

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--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords

Kirk in Japan
"If we fall in love in a forest does it make a sound?"

front page picks

blur - k3 / k3davis
A voice newly returned to the Blender - I like this one very much

Random Thoughts 25 - vishal
A great physics-y thought.

Love's Competition - ~Harem~
On the other woman.

Selected Quotes Out of Context - chris
I always thought what doesn't kill us makes us bitter and irritated.

fires bequeath - jack
Lovely photo/poem composition.

Snowbird - B.K.
The red red robin, bobbing or no...

Heart Boulevard - Jane Rain
A good use of an image to supplement a written work; a little subtler than some.

No Appeal - Just L / Just L
You know, this can be read two ways; lifes too short not to have high standards, or to miss out on something because of those standards?

tomorrow looms - aparajita
Time and Geometry and Life.

my accidental happening - i'm just him
Always like IJH's form and content.

untitled - restless - sapphyres_serenade
Insomnia takes its toll.

No Longer Mine - beginagain
Touching melancholy in the final two lines.

excerpts from "wishes Best" - Jane Doe
Prose work.

The Spring is coming.. - FalconRia
I like the way numbers and life add to this poem.

Sunday, Upon Waking - Camelia Lissenhold
Lovely sense-imagery in this piece.