I guess I'll never forget her. And maybe I don't want to. Her spirit was wild, like a wild monkey. Her beauty was like a beautiful horse being ridden by a wild monkey. I forget her other qualities.
--Jack Handley, from "The New Mexican"

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
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Gala's 2003 Valentine
Poetry Challenge?
Happy New Year! We have passed through the year of the palindrome and into...well, who knows what. Hopefully everything is on an upswing, but through it all, we'll have each other.

Lots of good stuff to read this month (and for the rest of the year I'd imagine!) Plus, this month's Blender Ramble explains this little guy to the left. I hope you enjoy it all.
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

Golden Shadows - Ali
An elegant and well-crafted work.

Girl on a Milk Crate
Two by faeriemouse, both are very visually evocative.

You Changed Me - Kase
A little bumpy in its narrative, but a good slice-of-life.

I Hear You - tj holland
A phrase poem.

Mirror Broken - Yoko Ono
Submitted by Inflatable Sushi. Another phrase poem (the trouble with these things is that it feels silly to spend more words talking about them than are in the works themselves.)

Moonlight Dancer - B.K.

The gift that keeps on giving. - deevaa
A digital image for part of a 'Secret Santa'

Drowning - Bridget O
On the similes are culture uses.

Snap Her Head Off - **The Color of Love**
I'm not 100% sure I know what this means, but I like its use of words.

Single as a Pringle - Walking Contradiction
Walking says "I woke up with the first two lines in my head"...and they're great two lines. It might've worked better if the following lines had more rhymes, but still good.

The Tide - Cire Nehtrow
, * or & ? Also, a good sense of rhyme and rhythm.

Back to the Doll Room - Misti
Just plain Misti, but actually that's saying quite a lot. I know what she means about 30 looming large.

Blender Ramble
Days of Romance and Snowmen.

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