"There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness."
--Friedrich Nietzsche

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < november 2004 >
November bumbles its way into our lives again.
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Love 'em or hate 'em, the Red Sox are the champions of baseball for a year and Bush is our president for another four. But through good times and bad, the Blender is here to give romantic writers a place to write and romantic readers a place to read....and message boards to talk about it all.

This month, your lazy Blender-Keeper is providing a special Director's Cut of a previous Double Feature review: Henry & June and Backbeat was written 7 years ago this month, but finding Backbeat on DVD has led the Keeper to dust it off and polish it up.

As always, read and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

launching - Juhaa
A nice succinct metaphor.

Mortal Love - ~Harem~
Harem providing "Advice from an older woman".

Dead Leaves - juan d'fule
Good closing line.

The Ticket - JD
This reminds me, I have to go to traffic court at the end of the month...stupid ambiguous "left three lanes closed" signs...

Our time together - iLYd
Lovely intimate little note.

Chemistry Lessons - Chances
Sometimes I worry I'm attracted to almost any poem that talks about chemistry, just because of the "Chemistry?" "Yeah...Chemistry" exchange from Guys and Dolls. In high school we milked that line for way more than it was worth. "What class are you going to next, chemistry?" "Yeah...chemistry." Ahh, youth.

help me remember, make me forget - aparajita
Aparajita wrote "melancholy is not a good color really...."

The Merry-go-round of Love - The Ice Opinion
A quote from rap artist Ice T, Submitted by mytwocents.

He didn't come home last night. - Margaret Mead
Submitted by mytwocents.

Morning Love - Leela
Quite the something to awake to.

autumn in my heart - darwin
More of darwin's lovely way with prose.

Come to me... - spirial
Spirial called this "sumthin a lill'l differnt"...a cool little experiment, I could almost hear it put into some kind of blues or techno song.

Quote - B.K.
This month's top-of-the-page quote.

(three non sequiturs) - chris
Good little collection here.

Softly Falling - Ali

Farewell youth - jwb71913
A bit over the top in place, but still fun. Maybe I just dig on Zombie references.

Dominion - coujeaux
Coujeaux and those long luscious lines are back.

Men Sleep Snoring - Misti
Sing a song o' Misti, pocket full o' rye.

Only - Cryingshame58
Similar to my own piece first time, this line has two different readings, though the readings support each other rather than contradict.

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