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Welcome to this holiday edition of the Blender of Love!

This month we return to our previous habit of reviews of romance-themed works, in this case, an older collection of short-short fiction by women, "Word of Mouth". check out the review of this work that influenced your faithful Blender-Keeper more than he realized.

Another great month for works here on the Blender, so read and enjoy and have a great holidays!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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"Word of Mouth", a great old collection of short-short fiction.

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Kirk in Japan
"Lonely men seek companionship. Lonely women sit at home and wait. They never meet."
--Abraham Lincoln (attr.)
front page picks

Keith Olbermann on Proposition 8 - Keith Olbermann
A moving video commentary explaining how terrible, terrible, terrible CA's mangling of its own Constitution was for the cause of love and romance and relationships and human rights .

a rose for my lady - it dosent matter
The sensual botanist.

Hey, Jealousy - Ali
Like the other Othello, a moment to learn, a lifetime to master.

The Hour of The Wolf - B.K.
"Jealousy tears its heart on a nail"

Sun and smoke worn.

Love Letters - Laurel Ahlfeld
I think this work might be better if the last line was dropped.

November Dawns - Briana Kassia
The bitter sweet joy of the seasonal poem

Women who sleep with their backs to me - chris
A language of the body.

restless - Lilla
Looking for answers.

Day Dreaming - Alphonse / ardimino
Nice sweet little work.

Literary Orgasm - sohail
Oh, always a sucker for the Henry Miller reference, even as this one gets into explication.

First Date - Lovecraft
Cute slice of life.

misplaced aim - sapphyres_serenade
I like the play on the double meaning of "miss".

Coolest Cake Decorator in the Fucking World - herself
They make kiwi Pop-Tarts?

Hope you noticed - Bighead
Oy, the scary attention magnet of video games...