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Welcome to the November Blender of Love!

This month we have an odd little feature for you: your humble host's own romantic comic young astronauts in love - plus a Blender exclusive director's commentary edition.

A good selection of prose and poetry this month as well, so read and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords

Kirk in Japan
"You shouldn't let poets lie to you."
front page picks

Loves Super-Collider - B.K.
Avoids the dreaded puns on the word "Hadron"

Another Noose - distant moon

twisted... - greysky
Looking for something.

Pumpkin King
By Briana Kassia, two "For Scott"... a well painted scene and a great bit of seasonal visual play.

Let Go - musicalduck
Big questions.

Why Not? - CryingShame58
J'accuse, back at ya.

Tracks of you - ladyinwaiting
Impressions over time.

when tables turn, hearts get broken - Lilla
A cutting dialog.

for justice, corrective lenses - always and forever
"Unforgivable... that's what you are"

Are you lonesome tonight?? - Tricia
Cold Florida prose.

Two Loverís Plight - I'mnobody
Wow, "ensconced"! Excellent word, seriously.

My God...I've Become Suzette. - herself
Less classically romantic than some.