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Welcome to the March edition of the Blender of Love!

Your faithful Blender-Keeper is off to Japan for a much-need two week vacation. So be good, enjoy the picks for this month, keep sending in your creative efforts, and check out the latest that people are contributing.

Sayonara for now!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords
"My heart does not know from logic."
--Woody Allen
front page picks

April is the Cruelest Month - chris
"14 April 2004". Thoughtful work.

Of Facades - CJ (King) Longshore / hairdiva
I appreciate the feeling of having to take other people's word for things.

Cinders - redplasticroses
The big day alone.

STUPID CUPID - Laeia22 / Laeia22
I am so glad that Cupid and Stupid are such a good couplet.

Accept It - heartfelt
A new voice on the Blender...

Twinkle~Time - B.K.

Moment Amused - distant moon
Interesting how the rhythm kind of breaks in the final stanza, which reflects some of the tone of the work.

Yodeling in The Alps - ~Harem~
YODALAHEEHOO, and what, and why, and where, and how.

That Twist In Your Smile Gives It Away - Star of David
Twist, shout.

Untitled - Isabella Svenska
What we tell each other, what we tell our selves.

For a Morning Apart - Varda
Making a good morning.

Weak Away - CryingShame58
I enjoyed the wordplay of the title after I realized it was there.

No Boundaries - ladyinwaiting
Mmm. Coffee.

Yes, Virginia ... - Lilla
"one wisdomful Saturday afternoon with Mareng Gigi", a touch of bilingualism.

desaparecidos - Lilla
Dark couplet for Valentine's Day.

Learn the walk - Farah / twisted_lie
I liked the strength of the barrier of words that starts this small work.

What she means in august - i'm just him
Some odd seasonal play in this piece of longing.

3am - Marshall Hann / Blessed23
Oy, shades of Gone with the Wind.

BEFORE AND AFTER - ilyk2dance
Cynicism, or hope...