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Welcome to the October Blender of Love!

To really know what October is about, we merely have to look at the word's old Greek roots, "Octo", eight. Because it's clearly not the eight month we can thus conclude that the whole month is kind of screwed up... and so it is!

Still, the month before was a good month for the 'Blender, and lots of excellent pieces were sent in. So read, enjoy, and don't let the goblins bite!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords

Kirk in Japan
Love is not what you make of it / Love is what makes of you
front page picks

Heart Blender - Angel
For halloween... some of the more gruesome aspects of the Blender... OF LOVE!!! Muahahahahahaha!

An attempt to define love - futz121
The first lines of this are this month's top of the page quote... the rest is great and thoughtful as well.

the word of the day is torrid - Ali
Two tales of longing...

Attractive Passer By - distant moon
A question of identity.

twitter 2008/09/01 1am
twitter 2008/09/19 1am
twitter 2008/09/19 1:30am
3 miniatures by Kirk... I've been using Twitter lately, it's 140-character limit makes for an intriguing constraint.

The Darkness Comes Earlier - Star of David
Autumnal thoughts.

Frolic - hollywoodfox
Crazy tactile imagery!

Another Night Alone - Laurel Ahlfeld
Excellent opening line.

2.34 am - wolfscreamer
Rough time.

Anonymous - eyes without a face / Lilla
Yikes, a technological thriller in our midst...

Pillow and Cover - Farah / twisted_lie
Not so fluffy.

Without Words (Nameless Stars) - Marshall Hann / Blessed23
Nice bumpy rhythm to this.

Ballroom Glances - Peccy
Some nice sensory imagery.