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It's September but there's still baseball to be played!

(Can you tell I'm writing this after watching a Red Sox game?)

August was a slow and leisurely month here at the Blender but many good works were submitted and some of the best are being showcased here. So as always, read and enjoy! And Go Sox!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Kirk in Japan
"To love and win is the best thing. To love and lose, the next best."
--William M. Thackeray
front page picks

from "Tender is the Night" - F. Scott Fitzgerald
A scene from the novel - there's a reference to mental illness but it is a lovely tableau.

Undeniable - futz121
A new voice on the Blender... there's a prettiness I admire in this.

passin time... - it dosent matter
On aches.

saturday - Ali
A nice slice of romance that might even be working.

A Touch of Love - B.K.
Hunting for transcendence.

nostalgia alive - distant moon
Nostalgia getting ahead of itself.

A bit of poor man's Tom Robbins, from a set of short-short story coasters.

Drinking Vodka II - Star of David
Posibly the strongest work of a 3 part series... the 3 way relationship between life, love, and booze can be uneasy.

Sleepless - Briana Kassia
A happy work with some nice sensory details.

division - Violet
I'm usually unlikely to run with works about non-romantic love (even though there's often some backstory of a romance) but this work is really good.

This Love - GerryBoy / Lilla
Unrequited love is what lasts.

Untitled - john67ragtop
The danger of "just knowing".