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School Daze return -- but the dog days of August turned out to be a pretty good month for the Blender of Love!

A number of excellent works last month, so without further ado- Read and Enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords

Kirk in Japan
"Be careful of women who love you just the way you are. It means they are willing to settle too easily."
Tobias Alcott, "The Man from Elysian Fields"
front page picks

You and I
Two by Edmundo Daudi, a new voice on the Blender... a lot of promise here.

"Kiss" A Frog - or KISS A PRINCE ? - ~Harem~
Ah, the old tale turned on its head.

Baby Blues - Jane Doe
Another nice play on an old saw.

I have already forgiven - Ria / FalconRia
The maths of forgiveness.

How many nights - wolfscreamer
The heaviness of the moving box.

One of Life's Burning Questions Finally Answered - chris
I almost think this work could have ended after 6 lines... still, good.

Bottle of Love - EFG / Zabette
I liked the visceral nature of the first 3 lines.

This City - musicalduck
When the municipality has its part to play.

We Got It - CryingShame58
What we got and what we don't.

Orchid with A Stephen King Quote - B.K.
Photo/Quote montage.

Renewal Time - iLYd

betrayed by my own - i'm just him
Nice to see ijh back in form!

When I Try to Speak - beginagain
(Wait- isn't that what usually does the talking?)

Mercy - RebeccaBeth_88
Mercy knocks.