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October and Autumn are here on the Blender! Time for homemade Apple Sauce and crunching through piles of leaves, a bit of solace for the lengthening nights and ignominious early exit of the Red Sox from the playoffs.

A satisfyingly large number of terrific new voices on the front page this month, along with some familiar friends.

As always, read and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Kirk in Japan
"Bed is the poor man's opera"
--Italian Proverb
front page picks

I do not believe in soulmates.
My Own PostModern
Two by newcomer Camelia Lissenhold. The first one made me laugh out loud, and the second was just cool.

Mars and Venus
Love is a killer -
La Vie En Rose - jujujujuju-ga
Two beautiful little works by Edmundo Daudi / Edmundo D, and a translation of Edith Piaf's La Vie en Rose.

Right String Baby But The Wrong Yo-yo - B.K.
"Great Carl Perkins song With a little bootleg Beatles fun" - haven't seen many youtube videos here!

Banked - B.K.
Dig the photo! A more harmonious word/font/picture/color blend than sometimes.

A Reason to Love DARKNESS - ~Harem~
With the season changing over, I pick this work on strength of its title alone.

Rock with Me - chris
Good advice, badly, or maybe bad advice well.

are words enough.... - jack

And always so good to see RennieLorca in full form.

When you were her and I was him - i'm just him
And now, a familiar voice back in his own form - ove ijh's little twists.

iPod Therapy - Jane Rain
Another new voice.

Untitled - beginagain
I was considering passing this one by but the last two lines really caught my eye.

What happened to us? - Jane Doe
Hungry question.

Thank You for your nais words - Ria / FalconRia
One of her works that doesn't lapse into Swedish - well written musing.

hopelessly hoping - frontman_ph
Another one that worked so well on its closing.