If you can stay in love for more than two years, you're on something.
--Fran Lebowitz

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
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Another new year at the Blender of Love!

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I've been dating a Russian gal for some time now... Year of government mandated atheism has led the Russians to focus on New Year's as their main gift-giving holiday. I think that's pretty cool, a holiday anyone who shares our calendar can get behind...but I'm still having to teach her about the whole kiss-at-midnight thing.

Another fine month of works ended 2005, and some of the best is gracing our front page. Also there's a small Ramble for your hopeful enjoyment, a Sophomoric Philisophical Bull Session of the Moment that I actually cribbed from my personal site. But....I added a heart cartoon, so obviously that makes it worth checking out.

As always, read and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

the stars are beautiful, but the sky is vast and empty - Bernie Taupin and iammyself
A wrinkle time, a nod to the Trekkers.. One of my favorite titles for a work this month.

Before Me - sassy
The old story of jealousy of the past, no matter how could the present might be.

Wrestling the Grizzly - B.K.
It ain't the nature channel but it's still a nice work.

Beautiful, Invisible You - Star of David
Melancholy work....the title makes me think. With beauty being often regarded as a visual characteristic, is it kind of one of those "Invisible Pink Unicorn, how do you know it's pink" situations?

and now you're asking me to save the date - Violet
I'd say this is a case of mourning the loss of what-ifs and mighta-beens.

brian eno and desert night - chris
Meditation from an arid land.

trail of kisses - cryingshame58
"crumbs of seduction"

WISTFUL(L) MOON - j. knipp
Moon, June, Spoon...well, not really. Fine brief prose piece.

an epiphany with a caveat - aparajita
A close shave.

ghost of christmas past - darwin
I guess Christmas memories can be haunting when they're just memories.

That Kiss Turned Everything All Serious, Didn't It? - Irongirl
My other favorite title for a work this month.

perfect plan went wrong - i'm just him
So often I'l read a work by ijm and start thinking "not bad...maybe a little trite" only to be totally knocked over by the last line or two. He's really the O Henry of little wistful romantic poems.

Cotton Candy - darby
Bad for your teeth.

Listen: How to be a Poet - Mandi
Submitted by iammyself. Sometimes I think starting a stanza "Listen" is one of the best little...well, not quite gimmicks, but tools to be used from time to time from a poet's toolbox.

Disappearing Wishes(For a Gift) - Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23. More good use of asides and clarifications.

Jimbo - Duke Kiowa
"Dire Straights of Rebates". A little fun with tone and rhymes.

New Tattoo - jwb71913
Ink on skin. Bumping off of Duke Kiowa's work.

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