"My consolation is that I am confident that somewhere at this very moment people are making love."
--Mme du Martel, on her deathbed

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < november 2006 >
come read this month's ramble where you an see exciting numeric analysis like this!
Welcome to the November Blender of Love!

Another fine month of new works. And this month the Blender Feature is a small ramble examining the categories Blender authors have selected for their material over the years, along with some of your humble Blender-Keeper's thoughts in assembling the selection for them to choose from.

So as always, take some time and read the front page picks, and maybe even catch up on some pieces you may have missed...

Read and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

The Fragile Stops - Ali
A very melancholy thought.

Baby Please.... - B.K.
Not sure why I'm so enamored of the opening "The wine hit me like a ton of bricks" but there we are.

YELLOW - ROSES - ~Harem~
The problem of old momentos.

Autumn Pillowbook - briana kassia
An interesting study with the haiku form, and a reference to the Pillow Book tradition.

La Frontera - chris
Another desert slice-of-life. I'm not sure if I totally agree with the use of the 2nd person.

Brush it Off - musicalduck
"I guess we've all got our vices".

pick me up where we left off - cryingshame58
Time stops, and resumes. Nice to recognize the connection.

STARTLED - rennielorca
The old problem of the subjectiveness of everything.

From "Tonight I can Write" - Pablo Neruda (via j. knipp)
We may have posted Neruda some time ago, but these 2 lines are bear rereading.

four letter words don't lie - darwin
Rough and tough.

America - drunkenlobotomist

TILL EARTH BECOMES SEA - Sarah Elizabeth Hume / Sarah143
Sarah generally uses such a nice elevated style... I think this work is a good example of using some elevated imagery as well.

one peaceful day of squall - annski808
I'd mention something about sand forming the nucleus of a pearl, but I think it might be stretching things a bit too much.

Kicking Leaves - no white flag
A (now belated) Holiday wish.

I Remember Your Eyes - badnews
Catch me like a cold.

Blender Feature Ramble
How to categorize romance? Or at least, poems about romance?

Heart on Sleeve Corner
91 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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