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It's August already and summer is beginning to sneak a glance at her watch now and then...

A terrific month for works on the Blender! Some super high quality works from established voices here, as well as some promising pieces from some new voices.

This Months Review: iDo
Also, this month has a (probably temporary, alas) return to an old Blender tradition, the Featured Review! This month I touch on "iDo", a fantabulous and down-to-earth guide to really leveraging the web to plan a wedding... it really takes a machete to the forest of matrimony-centered websites and lets people get to where they want to go in a fun and cost-effective way.

So as always, ready and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

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Random Romatic Ripcords

Kirk in Japan
"I believe that love cannot be bought except with love, and he who has a good wife wears heaven in his hat."
--John Steinbeck
front page picks

One year - twinkle
Oh, the great details in this one! Fantastic.

from Hotel Chevalier - Kirk, Blender-Keeper
from the prelude to "The Darjeeling Limited"... romantic banter of a broken century

she moves - it dosent matter

China Cup - Angel
I preferred this to the revised version...

schizophrenic love - Ali
Raw, written with a slouch.

A Small White Cloud in a Stormy Sky - B.K.
A great "list" style poem.

Love and Alcohol - distant moon
Potentially thought provoking final line.

what i thought it was - Kirk
Reveling in doubt.

Summerswing - Briana Kassia
Another one where I think this draft first posted outshines the revised version.

Kind of Like Superman - chris
Chris has a gift for physical metaphors.

(Almost) Like the Baptists Say - chris
So charming!

pyreXia - Lilla
Just love and true to life and rambunctious.

random bit of stuff - darwin
Some songs are better before you know quite what the lyrics are...

Magascar - Farah / twisted_lie

Over Martinis - redplasticroses
Martini martyr.

Crawl To Keep It Together - Marshall Hann / Blessed23
Captivated by the phrase "The Silent Siren"...

Flinch - Harrington
Ouch. It's rare for a work this raw and real and rough to have such grace.

brighter side - secret

remembrance - daniela / daniela*
A new voice on the Blender.