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Happy Valentine's Day! Another 365 (well, 366) have rolled around, and it's the day again! And more than time for a new Blender of Love digest to celebrate Stupid Cupid's return!

Another excellent month for works here on the Blender, including some use of images to go alongside the usual use of imagery.

Hope all of you find love the best way you can! And always, read and enjoy...
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

original watercolor
by your loyal blender-keeper

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Random Romatic Ripcords

Kirk in Japan
"Love and stoplights can be cruel."
--Sesame Street
front page picks

who need..... - jack
Intriguing combination of photography and writing.

In The Mood
Shakespeare Quote
Sesame Street Quote
Gandhi Quote
Three quotes from B.K. (including this month's page-topper) and an original work/image combination.

Leaf/Leaving - somedaysoon
A remix of an older work; I think the revamp is an improvement.

blinding - distant moon
What's that line, about how everything is dark, light just hides the darkness?

"Renewable" Marriage License - ~Harem~
Lessons to learn.

My Body Betrays Me - Star of David
Oof. It's three parts; heart, mind, body. Not always in that order.

The Right Words - Laurel Ahlfeld

Night Song - Briana Kassia
Lovely final stanza.

Your Voice at Midnight - chris
Man, that talk of sleepy talk makes me nostalgic.

Missing You is an Understatement - CryingShame58
Nice cinematic piece.

The Worst - snapperhead
Love as the worst in life.

A Love Story - Lilla
Filipino Drama.

Tangled Threads - Marshall Hann / Blessed23
Steamy work, with an idiosyncratic spelling of "Tic, tock".

eternal kiss - never_enough
"tattooed on my senses" is a great turn of phrase.

Late Night/Early Morning Thought - Bighead
That stupid clock.