"Love is like pi - natural, irrational, and very important."
--Lisa Hoffman

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
  < september 2004 >
The Blender of Love has always had a special relationship with school, from its start on servers at Tufts University back in the day to its annual summer slowdown...
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So as school kicks into gear, we bring you another month of the Blender. We're the place for some great Reading and Writing...the 'Rithmetic you'll have to work out on your own.

Also, in the interest of keeping the usual Message Board nice and friendly, we've created a special Politics board for talk of the upcoming USA election and other controversial topics. Enter at your own risk, but it's not all that risky...

Also, this month marks 2 million frontpage hits for the Blender, as measured by digits.com...that's like 20,000 a month since we started measuring in 1996!

As always, read and enjoy...
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

CGI - deevaa
Deevaa leads off this month with a fantastic instance of romancing the geeks.

first time - Kirk
A very strange two lines, that can be read one of two completely different ways...kind of a verbal illusion.

Pina Coladas - JD
Do you like Pina Colodas?

Stable - CJ King
Submitted by hairdiva. Coming to terms with the next of the ex.

regardless - aparajita
Small work based on some board conversation.

Goodnight, Goodbye
Two by hollywoodfox...a newish voice on the 'Blender. I love the close of "Goodnight, Goodbye" and "Make-Believe" is just a lovely little prose bite.

Untitled - Kaylee Wilson
Submitted by Imaswimrok. Funny little work...I liked the final line.

i watch him still - darwin
For some reason "sweaty from a night of dreaming" sounds like a great way to be.

Untitled - Akash
I'm always easily smitten by the random poetical physics reference...

Said I Would Never - Misti
I'm also easily smitten by Henry Miller references, come to think of it.

The drug causes the release of the neurotransmitters ... - Lauren
Submitted by rthoseflipflops. Love is the Drug.

You Are My Honey - wistful
A dangerously sweet metaphor.

quote - ladyinwaiting
Cute snippet.

the light in august - chris
When two lives become two.

Quote - B.K.
This month's top-of-the-page quote.

I'm Dreaming You - Kirk
...from a half-awake dream.

watermarked - Madison
Poem and Photo, a nice duo.

Road Trip - jwb71913
"Road Trip. Even the sound of those two words, Road Trip."--it's good to be out of cell range sometimes.

Last Word - Lydia
Wow. Or rather, Ow.

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