Capricorn: (Dec. 22--Jan. 19)
Cheer up: Nobody ever died of a broken heart. Unless, that is, you count suicides, depression-related anemia or heart attacks.
--Lloyd Schumner Sr. at The Onion

"It will make you feel young again" --The New Yorker
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So. By one of those odd little twists of fate, the Blender-Keeper's divorce is final on the same day the Loveblender Digest is due. I guess all I can say is, Better Luck Next Time to us both...

The Blender Carries on! Actually, this month's feature is Mateusz Pozar's "Relationship Evaluation Form", a clever, slightly tongue-in-cheek way of letting each other know what was good and what was not so good when love was still in the air...

Many good works this month, more than could fit on the front page, so read and enjoy!
--Kirk, Blender-Keeper     

interim sun - Madison
Lovely, lovely uxtaposition of words and image.

Lingering - Jane Rain
Once again, I get captivated by a line: "That isn't the only thing I remember you by. Not nearly."

The Second Time - JD
Nostalgic recollection of a silly card and soft hands.

Good God, What A Night That Was - Petronius Arbiter
Submitted by Irish. A little ditty from the first century, translated by Kenneth Rexroth.

Next Time - Echolocation
Hopes for the next time.

how i met my husband
how lovers fall away
Two great "how" prose pieces by darwin.

The Scared Girl - Savannah Haze
I don't know if I agree with the last line but it's a good last line.

????? - cryingshame58
A sing-songy recollection on bumping into the same person again. " it a sign? is it destiny?"

An Artful Response - wistful
A story of arts and crafts.

Leave - Isabella Svenska.
Here because I think it comes close to what my now ex- wants to express to me after a few too many questioning emails.

Moon Rhapsody - Chances
Chances wrote "Geographically specific, it's mid-winter here!"...I always feel bad that when I just end up writing about the seasonal weather for the front Front Page, I always get it wrong for people in the other hemisphere...ah well!

A Lover's Distance - distant moon
Old Testament references abound in this gentle and lyrical work.

love isn't math - chris
Great bookends on this solid piece.

I hate... - angieubaldo
"I hate using arial font because that's her name.", heh heh heh.

Karl - deevaa
Happy to see Deevaa contributing again, some of her thoughtful prose instead of her more well-known painting...

Missing Michael - Misti
Great close.

Reflections - jwb71913
Bumpy rhythm, bumpy life.

Master Renderings - CordovaGirl
Very sensual studio art poem.

Relationship Evaluation Form
Everything you want to know after the fact.

Heart on Sleeve Corner
253 more heartsongs sent to the Blender last month.

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