Heart-on-Sleeve Corner Classic

Here's where the tradition of sending in poems to the Blender started. Since then, I've switched to a monthly journal format so this page will proceed to age gracefully.

You can also go the page of New Submissions, work that hasn't had time to be moved to the regular sections...

Some Poems by Jim Cser
A collection of poems forming the shadow of one romance. Love known, love lost, and the beloved's reply.
Fire and Ice
Sacrament  -Kirk Pick-
Sea and Room
By Kirk Israel (keeper of the blender). Images and abstractions and still-lifes (Ok, so I'm a tad immodest with my Picks...)
by John Sherritt. An homage to the lady of brown eyes and copper hair, folded into herself.
The Truth  -Kirk Pick-
By Karolyn R Benger. Four poems as quirky as love itself.
It's Not Love
by Dustin Pratt. Love falls apart. A rhythmically unusual but stirring piece.
A Winter Heart's Hope
A Warning
Dance Away, Dark Angel Restoration
by Kim Picker. Some thematically related poems on needing and finding romance
by Kasey Cravens. What happens when the torch you carry for someone dwindles, and then goes out?
The Mile Markers Go By
by Gary Moore. Sometimes as you drive, questions can occur that you may not know the answer to.
Dream of Angels
by Kevin Greggain. A dream of angels in a world where your perfect (hetero) partner is waiting to be found.
by Rick Wood. Pieces about loss with some really sharp lines. 'When I think of love I think of you' Nice.
Misery Loves Company
Love as a ship-in-a-bottle, by Anonymous
The reverie of Toledo
La chica piconera
By John Lorenz. Three still lifes, fair damsels in repose.
(She is kissing) The Roses
by Ashutosh Narhari. What a title. An exploration of the friend/lover frustration.
Night Shades
by Roei Shalev. A personal study in the arithmetic of the heart, and a brief halting of tears.
The Light of your Love
by Rosa Clement. A singsong tale of love as light.
by Sioned. What does it take to take that one "other" away from the "them"?
Another Day  -Kirk Pick-
by Andrew Cleveland. About the best thing you can say when the geography seems all wrong.
Where is Light, is Darkness
by J. Cassioo. An allegory of the prison and feeling.
Love is Blind
by Joan Elizabeth. Imagery of nightmares, jewelry, and love.
Falling Rain
by Karolyn R Benger. Prose.
by Lisa Orlando. A true story of meeting your love on the Net
Dust and Ashes
by Cire Y. Nehtrow. A beautifully written ballad-- from dust we come and to dust we return, but in the mean time...
In The Morning Before We Leave The Hotel
Two poems by Rhys
Head over Heels
Temptation's Calling.....
by Christina L Hoy
Dee, My One True Love
Wishes for My Wife  -Kirk Pick-
by Ray Gessler. A moving piece about the ultimate loss of love, and a charming rhyming piece about material goods.
A short poem by A.H.
by Ami Hauptman. A little work about love and color blending.
Jim and Gordon
By Suzette L. Mako. A tiny work about love and your offspring.
By Christopher Yeager. And we may never know if it gets to its subject...
In Your Eyes...
By Paxton King. They say eyes are the mirrors of the soul.
Was it on a Mountain or by the Sea
By Dan Clark. A CyberValentine (not often you see the word "Internet" in a love poem)
The Love We Share
By Christie Houston. Ain't no ruler long enough!
Soul's Flight
By Loki Steele. A rather disturbing extended metaphor about the author's experience with divorce.
Someone Like You
By Hans Raffelt. It had to be you.
Picture Me / Untitled
By Kristen Wollin. Two small but to-the-point poems: one about losing love, one about finding it.
Next to Me
By John Patuto. A slightly mushy poem to a fiancee.
The Dance
By Brian Booth. Submitted by his girlfriend, a tale of love rediscovered.
A Winter's Night
By Anders Bylund. A clever and fun play on Shakespeare.
Oddly Enough
Above the Library
Cinder Block  -Kirk Pick-
By Jennifer Tsang. Three poems that have a lot of personal meaning for me. 'I am no longer afraid of heights.'
By Sheri Cliff. Poems and loves deserve to be read.
A Story
A good prose piece about one man's search for beauty.
The Perfect Night
By John Conklin. Personally, I think the search for perfection is one of the most hurtful things on the planet. Maybe it's just me.
By Catherine McCarthy. A study in the temptations of memories.
All Because of You
By Carrie L. Flashpohler. Oceans.
Winter Chakra
By Elizabeth Conard, who uses beautifully free, loose lines.
Coming Back
By Kathleen Skinner, a poem that proceeds adverbly.
Such is the nature
By Dewan, a haunting 4 lines that struck home.
Extrait d'une lettre pour Stephanie
By Mickael Rakotoarisoa, I hope Stephanie speaks better french than I.
The Glassblower's Heart
By Sarah E. Skwire. I think that love is like glass, but more opaque.
Gone without a word
By Thomas Scott Painter. A slightly heavy handed portrayal of overwhelming loss.
Just Words
By Onniee, who seems to be as surprised as I am about the power of language.
like rain, like stars
By Helena. This poem is breath-taking in its beauty.
Look Into Mine Eyes
By Andrew Barrera. Olde Englishe Love Verse.
By "Noe", a stream of consciousness, a blitzkrieg of feelings.
By Kat. I'm not sure of the author, but it's for you.
Mark Houck on one of the most painful emotions of all.
Confirmation of Love
Rick Powless' Bogus Journey
Forever Love
A lovestruck ditty by Echo Starr
Conversation at Sunrise
A nicely done slice of prose
Where Will I Be
Bart Alan Wilbanks tries to overcome Geography
Sabreena Marie Lowell looks for her angel
Captured by Love
An exchange that looks like the start of a Net Romance
Maia Young is trying to see clearly.
Gerald's Bad Date
By Zachary Blocker, a prose peice of day dreams and romantic madness
Three Poems
Three medievel-touched poems by Carolyn C. Stritzel
A collection of well crafted and sad poems by Erika Carlson
Noah Cain remembers.
Friendship Lost
By Charles Cripps. For some reason I like the very last line.
Lost Love
John "The brokenhearted" and the Pincushion of Love
Tribute to Kurt
Jadite Jackson who... uses strange punctuation
Dreams, Only
By Tim Kearns, the line between what we dream and what we hope
Derek Hiltz and the ballad of the second fiddle

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