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Pain (by RainbowChaser) 2010 Feb 18
         Physical Pain v. Emotional Pain
Fly to the Moon Marilyn (by RainbowChaser) 2009 Jun 28
         Some words and deeds can never be undone
Get Excited Over Me (by RainbowChaser) 2009 Jun 28
         A wistful command of feelings
Have I ever thought about you? (by RainbowChaser) 2009 Jan 08
         My reaction when asked whether I have ever thought about my father
Shame 2007 Aug 30
         The Shame Envelops Me
Lessons 2005 Oct 13
         Inspired by the five people you meet in heaven
If Heaven 2005 Oct 12
         Inspired by the five people you meet in heaven
Angels 2005 Apr 14
         A Testament to Goodness on Earth
Locked Inside Hell 2005 Mar 11
         Hell looms inside my body
Burnt by the Fire (by RainbowChaser) 2005 Mar 11
         A groovy kind of attraction
Fear 2004 Jan 24
         I'm afraid
Perfect 2004 Jan 24
         Life...Is it an oxymoron?
Hurt 2004 Jan 24
         Somehow you find me
Important 2003 Dec 09
         How selfish I've been
Appreciation 2003 Dec 09
         Who knew I could love someone so much.
Eyes Wide Open 2003 Nov 26
         Fuck you, Chris
Chicago Experience 2003 Nov 26
         A new woman
To know 2003 Nov 26
Comfortable 2003 Oct 15
Anxious 2003 Oct 15
I need 2003 Sep 25
         A brief formula to avoid being needy.
I've known you forever 2003 Sep 19
         Is this true?
In my dreams 2003 Sep 19
         Mami, where are you?
Can i? 2003 Sep 19
Fuck it 2003 Sep 19
         Last year
Everything 2003 Sep 19
         you make me so happy.
Making Love vs. Fucking 2003 Aug 22
         Who hasn't done both?
Ache 2003 Aug 22
         pain..too much to bear
Personal Punishment 2003 Jul 30
         There's no need.
What i Want to Say 2003 Jul 26
         This being away from you is driving me insane!
Control 2003 Jul 26
         What does it mean to be in control
Confusion of You 2003 Jul 23
         How did you do it
Nostalgia 2003 Jul 20
         A wierd feeling when i go back and think about my first years of college.
A year ago 2003 Jul 20
         How i've changed, it's so apparent now
For once 2003 Jul 20
         Why does this always happen
Beating the Player at the Game 2003 Jul 14
         You were so complicated
Facade 2003 Jun 23
Answered Prayers 2003 Jun 23
         Why does life have to be so confusing?
Don't call 2003 Jun 16
         Who knew?
Gone 2003 Jun 16
         I've been gone for so long for so many reasons
Why 2003 May 27
         a brief tale of useless way to get rid of it
Desperate 2003 May 27
Fear 2003 May 22
         Why does it loom so heavy
Thank you 2003 May 16
         So simple, yet so complicated
Gift 2003 May 10
         What can i say..some people may not believe in this, but i do
Tomorrow 2003 May 10
         I graduate from college tomorrow
True 2003 May 10
         Thanks for being my friend and enemy.
Paranoid 2003 May 10
         Haven't heard from you where have you gone?
Piece by Piece 2003 May 03
         Stop trying to take over my life..i wanna live without your interference
I thought 2003 May 03
         Are you my true friend..well that remains to be seen
My head is spinning 2003 Apr 29
         It's all happening sooo fast
High Expectations 2003 Apr 28
         Why do i always get myself in trouble with this?
Uncertainty 2003 Apr 28
         Where do i go from here..where is my path taking me?
Best Friend 2003 Apr 22
         I've never had one, how do i Know
Whose selfish now? 2003 Apr 22
         You always said i was selfish..look whose talking
Utter, Total Disgust 2003 Apr 22
         You know who you are
Possibilities 2003 Apr 22
         What do you make of us?
What's in a Name 2003 Apr 22
         You have the same name as the person who attacked me
Brighter Days 2003 Apr 22
         God does exist.
Is this how I'm supposed to feel 2003 Apr 10
         Emotions are a hard thing to chart
Devotion 2003 Apr 08
         Your devotion to me speaks volumes, how confused I am
Too much 2003 Apr 08
         How can you say this, what does it mean?
Ultimate betrayal 2003 Apr 08
         How could you?
In Violation 2003 Apr 08
         How could you
Happiness at Last 2003 Apr 07
         you have made me so happy
Desire 2003 Mar 27
         It burns
Victory 2003 Mar 27
         It comes in so many different forms
I want 2003 Mar 25
         A brief list of what i want right now..however irrational it may seem
Ignorance 2003 Mar 25
         Answer one simple question: are you an idiot?
I miss you 2003 Mar 25
         Where have you been
My Dilemma 2003 Mar 18
         I'm scared to lose you, but equally scared in loving you.
Misunderstanding 2003 Mar 06
         You threw somethng away for reasons I don't understand
An Apology 2003 Mar 06
         A time when i definitely put my foot in my mouth
The Greatest Tragedy 2003 Mar 05
         I'm sure this has happened to everyone.
Madness 2003 Feb 28
         An 8 hour long conversation..trying to divulge meaning
Suffocated 2003 Feb 27
         Making a trip back to the place i was last year suffocates me.
Leave me Alone 2003 Feb 27
         The worst words in the English language
Connect 2003 Feb 26
         Can i connect with you on all levels?
Sexual Tension 2003 Feb 26
         What more is there to say?
Memories 2003 Feb 26
         Old Memories die hard
Sleep 2003 Feb 23
         An 12 huur escape
Doubt 2003 Feb 23
         I seriously doubt so many things about my life..when will it end
Boring 2003 Feb 20
         A brief expose on boring me
You're a Rollercoaster 2003 Feb 20
         Enough said
Ode to a fat bitch 2003 Feb 17
         This is for you, you know who you are!
Too Late 2003 Feb 17
         What i long to say to you, but I just can''s never the right time
Tunnel of Pain 2003 Feb 09
         How can i describe my last semester of college
An Unusual Friend 2003 Feb 09
         Thanks, Serenity
Today I died 2003 Jan 23
         I found out some new things about you, but do i have right to be mad?
What if... 2003 Jan 21
         Don't stop living life and face regret for something that you wished you would have done, but was too afraid to try.
What you don't see 2003 Jan 20
         There is so much about me that you can't even begin to comprehend
Coincidence 2003 Jan 13
         It's so much more than that?
how dare you 2003 Jan 13
         you know who you are..fucker!
Drama 2003 Jan 13
         In all sense of the word
It's over for good 2003 Jan 13
         How could I have doubted fate on this one?
Smile 2003 Jan 13
         How can I love your smile so much more than I already do
Birthday Buddies 2003 Jan 13
         I've never met someone so like me, yet so different
Sometimes Love Isn't Enough 2003 Jan 03
         What do you do when this happens?
My baby who hasn't been conceieved 2003 Jan 03
         Why am i longing for this so much?
Comfortable 2003 Jan 03
         a brief description of opposing feelings
Confused 2003 Jan 03
         need i say more?
Friends 2003 Jan 03
         Is this your job description for a friend?
Fly on the Wall 2003 Jan 03
         What i wouldn't give to be
What you can't see 2003 Jan 02
         Why is it so hard for you to appreciate my value?
Beautiful 2003 Jan 01
         My poem to myself...when i can actually be positive
Ohio 2003 Jan 01
         A brief history
The Way You Used to Be 2003 Jan 01
         How did all of your personality suddenly begin to clash with me and ignore me completely?
New Year, New Promises 2003 Jan 01
         It wouldn't be a new year without new resolutions
I never thought 2003 Jan 01
         Who knew that we would be where we are today
Green 2003 Jan 01
         A list of some good green things, and some that arent' so good
One shot 2003 Jan 01
         This is my chance..can I live up to it?
Out of the blue 2002 Dec 31
         Where did that come from?
Forget 2002 Dec 30
         What will it take to forget the past?
I must give you up 2002 Dec 30
         Today I had a random, sad thought
Enabler 2002 Dec 29
         What more can I say?
Promise me 2002 Dec 29
         Promise me all of this and I shall never leave your side
Heartbeat 2002 Dec 29
         When you held me after so was magical
Merry Christmas 2002 Dec 25
         the worst christmas ever in most ways--except for one
Our last goodbye 2002 Dec 15
         This was the worst day of my life
Just another small town 2002 Dec 15
         The tale of where I spent all last year
I feel the beat 2002 Dec 15
         I've finally put away all the doubts
You 2002 Dec 13
         How do you do it?
All I have 2002 Dec 11
         What do you want from me?
Beaten 2002 Dec 11
         You're right, when you do something wrong you deserve to be beaten to almost death, I'm wrong
Happy Birthday, Alisha 2002 Dec 08
         Simple gestures make me jump up and down for joy=)
How do you touch a memory 2002 Dec 08
         Do you ever feel as if a memory is so close that you can touch it?
How do you touch a memory 2002 Dec 08
         Do you ever feel as if a memory is so close that you can touch it?
A New Beginning 2002 Dec 08
         Today is my last day as 20
Thank God, I'm alive 2002 Dec 07
         I haven't felt this in so long, with just a simple night, I can smile again..Thanks!
Cry 2002 Dec 06
         All I can do right now is cry
Fucked Up 2002 Dec 05
         Mark-This is for fucked up you fucked up you made me, which is why i must say goodbye to you
Goodbye to Buffy 2002 Dec 05
         I am making myself a new person, no more weakness, only strength, inner beauty will remain
Time Moves So Slowly 2002 Dec 05
         We are taking another stab at it, only this time right now through friendship
Portrait of me 2002 Dec 01
         Is this what you see
Solaris' Message 2002 Dec 01
         The movie solaris brought tears to my eyes, i can only hope
Hard 2002 Dec 01
         All things in life are hard, but shouldn't be
Who am i? 2002 Nov 29
         when you look at me what do you see?
Selfish 2002 Nov 29
         how could i have known
Memories of you and me 2002 Nov 29
         Like the lines of a Richard Marx song..all too trite right now
What did I do to deserve this? 2002 Nov 26
         tears are falling so bad that I can't even see.
Thank you 2002 Nov 20
         why do you do all of this for me? Do I really deserve it?
Did you see her? 2002 Nov 20
         I did something really stupid the other nite and almost lost an important person in my life
Don't do me like this 2002 Nov 18
         Why must I feel guilty for something that isn't my fault..i'm not doing it anymore
The Soul remains 2002 Nov 17
         a bump to His Little Fullback
Bound in chains 2002 Nov 17
         How do you escape hell?
It ain't me 2002 Nov 17
         Am i messing things up
In my dreams 2002 Nov 11
         What I really want, take notes
I'm letting go 2002 Nov 11
         Who knew it would be so hard
Camping is but a memory 2002 Nov 11
         Sometimes the best points in your life are unrepeatable and leave but only a memory
In another life 2002 Nov 11
         do you believe in this
You haunt me 2002 Nov 11
         Why is this happening?
For you I would 2002 Nov 11
         This is my declaration of love for you, and what i would do
Put the bottle down 2002 Nov 10
         I'm worried about one of my friends
How is it fair 2002 Nov 10
         YOu have done so much to him, yet he is still your friend
To my angel 2002 Nov 10
         Jamie-This is for you
What a pearl means 2002 Nov 10
         Thank you, Kim
You made me complete 2002 Nov 10
         Thank you for all that you've done, you will never know
Don't let this feeling go away 2002 Nov 10
         Whenever I feel disoriented there always seems to be something to pull me back from the abyss
In a about a Year 2002 Oct 21
         What you have done for me in such a short period of time
If I would have 2002 Oct 21
         Things that I might have done differently
I can't go there 2002 Oct 21
         A brief listing of where I find myself unable to go because of a past love
In another life 2002 Oct 20
         This is what i foresee will come to pass, when we've both crossed from these seas into our undetermined eternity
A Night at the Movies 2002 Oct 20
         My favorite ideas from my favorite movies
You make me Sick 2002 Oct 20
         this is a disgusting display of affection that i will neither accept nor like.
Lies, Lies Everywhere Lies 2002 Oct 10
         If I told you the truth would you hate me?
I'm so lonely 2002 Oct 10
         What makes me feel this way at all the wrong times?
Blue eyes seeks to remember the good ole days 2002 Oct 07
         grandpa-please don't leave us
UP it all comes 2002 Oct 07
         a brief self-punishment and how to deal with it
Why don't you like me? 2002 Oct 07
         This is a brief plea to all those who find something wrong with me.
To my Stalker 2002 Oct 07
         This is a letter to the one person who won't leave me alone
Ana Mia 2002 Oct 07
         A brief battle that rages within me
Then it hit me 2002 Oct 01
         You can say what you what..but I feel the connection.
To Dustin-with sadness for you 2002 Sep 30
         What does it feel like to be you?
I was raised on sunshine 2002 Sep 30
         a brief look at my childhood and the things that made me who i am today
I used to 2002 Sep 29
         Why do I keep hearing this?
A Toast to Extreme Conservatives 2002 Sep 29
         A profile of the wierd minds that I try to avoid
Danny-I forgive you 2002 Sep 27
         A letter to say that I'm finally letting go
Would you hide me? 2002 Sep 27
         A plea to be hiden from all life's miseries
I'm never going to feel this way again 2002 Sep 27
         A brief look at things that I can ever experience again
What would I do different? 2002 Sep 26
         What would I change in my life, if I could.
What I really want 2002 Sep 23
         A description of what keeps me up at night longing for it.
Are you Afraid 2002 Sep 23
         We had such a connection..why are you trying to stifle it?
What the fuck 2002 Sep 22
         Explain to me what the hell you are talking about
Papaw..I am worried 2002 Sep 22
         A message to the man who has been there for me most
Take me Back 2002 Sep 22
         A request to go back in time
OCD 2002 Sep 22
         a living hell, that can't ever fully be escaped
For Once 2002 Sep 21
         A love unlike any other
Everybody's Fool 2002 Sep 21
         Why do people always seek to deceive me?
Me, Unedited 2002 Sep 17
         a description of me, and who i really am
One of these days 2002 Sep 17
         One of these days, you will want me, and i might not be there
Things happen for a reason 2002 Sep 17
         Why do things happen? I sit mystified at the future before me.
What Makes You Tick 2002 Sep 16
         I wonder what makes you happy, i used to think I did, but I don't know anymore
Bitter 2002 Sep 16
         Why am i so bitter, so angry at the world?
Mask 2002 Sep 15
         this describes a dilemma that i have just recently experienced
Beauty 2002 Sep 13
         This is a poem about one of the most beautiful things in the world
Nothing Compares to You 2002 Sep 13
         This is a promise to the one that I am meant to love and be with.
Fuck you 2002 Sep 10
         A word to all those who keep tugging at me, trying to hurt me
Read Between the Lines 2002 Sep 09
         A description of how to love and how to lose
Hurting 2002 Sep 07
         pain is consuming me right now

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