The Blender Survey Question

The Questions:
What are your favorite five romantic movies? (in order of preference)
What are your favorite five love songs? (with prefered artist)
What is your favorite meal to share with your honey?
What is your favorite NONSEXUAL part of your loved one?
What are your favorite five books and(/or) authors?
What are your five favorite web sites?
8. Describe what would be a decadent day for you... what and with whom, and where and why...
You get a fantasy shot - a bit part in a movie where you can kiss anyone you like - (with tongue). What person would you choose?
What is the most romantic spot on the planet where you have ACTUALLY been?
What is the most romantic spot on the planet you would like to visit, and when (season, occasion, etc.)?
What is your favorite painting or artwork, and who is the artist?
What is the most romantic gift you've ever been given?
What is the most romantic gift you've given someone else?
In your opinion, what is the most romantic poem ever---by someone else...?
You get to give a dinner party - any 10 people you name would be magically delivered for food and conversation - who would you pick?
What is the longest phone call you've ever had with a lover?
What is the Secret Thing that melts you on the spot? (--extra points if the one in your life has ever figured it out!)
Have you ever been so hurt by a lover that whenever you meet another person with the same name you wince (even if only on the inside)? (Naming them here is optional)
Have you ever so loved another and/or carried a torch that the mere sound of their name made your heart leap? (note: this counts even after they may have been long gone)
Survey Question: Special Edition... Do you (or your lover) tend to make a big deal out of Valentine's Day, or do you look for opportunities to make 'special days' at different times throughout the year?
What do you think of baby talk (to/from your sweetheart), in private and/or in public?
If you could be an article of clothing, what would you be?
Do you think that it is possible to truly fall in love before you ever meet face to face?
Do you write for your spouse/lover/S. O., and do they enjoy what you write for them?
What is the worst thing you ever did to a lover/spouse/s.o. (this could be something you regret doing to them, or even something you feel was pathetic in the face of love)?
Instant romantic scenario... pick a person, a time, a place, and a situation... now kiss them you fool! How would you do it?
Okay, we asked what your favorite romantic movies were... Now give us your favorite romantic scene(s) from a movie... Up to three if you wish.
When life is madness swirling all around you (or more to the point, the One you love), do you make a point of creating some special together-time? If so, what surprises do you like to provide best of all?
Do you think it is important for your lover to be a good kisser? And if you are wavering, can a great kiss push you over the top?
Do you think it's important to be physically affectionate with your lover/sweetheart/spouse (this means touching, holding hands, etc.)? Why or why not?
What is your favorite holiday to share with someone you love?
Long winter nights... or sultry summer nights... which is more romantic, and why?
Do you think that love is forever? Why or why not (or some other reasonable elaboration)?
Do you think... that once the line has been crossed between friendship and romantic love you can ever go back?
Have you ever given the object of your affection aural stimulation? (no, not sex in the ear) I mean, have you ever read them any of your poetry? What was their response?
Do you think it is possible to fall in love with someone simply because they are a good flirt and have chosen you as their mark? OR... Does 'flirtiness' make a difference, or is it a deal-breaker?
Can romance be erotic? Can eroticism be romantic? Why/why not?
Aside from people in bars and other obvious pick-up joints, have you ever seen a person (someone you have never met) and been attracted enough to them to walk up and begin a conversation? What happened?
so... how's YOUR love life these days?
Some people find the autumn to be the most romantic time of year. What season is your favorite, romantically speaking, and why?
Do you have a belief in the concept of "soul mates?" Care to elaborate?
What is your LEAST favorite stereotype of romance/romantics?
What is a pick up line used on you that you most remember?
Have you ever found out (after the fact) that someone (who never told you) was attracted to you? How did it make you feel?
Have you ever dressed up just for your sweetie on Halloween?
For you, what is the most romantic time of day, and why?
Which decade was most romantic (and why) - 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s?
If love were just a colour, what would it be for you?
If you could give anything, what one gift would you give your lover/sweetheart?
If you could kiss anyone, who would you most like to kiss under the mistletoe?
What is your favorite Christmas tune (and version), and why?
Now that it is a New Year, do you have a resolution with regard to your love life?
Have you ever dated/loved/seen more than one person at a time?
How important is it to you to find some way to keep love fresh? What works best for you?
Do you subscribe to the view that Valentine's Day is overcommercialized? If not, how do you intend to make it special this year? If so, what days are more suitable as romantic events?
Now that Valentine's is fading into memory, are you one of those who feels that love blooms best in the Spring? Why/Why not?
Have you ever envied someone else (or another couple) for living a more 'romantic life?'
Have you ever been desperate enough to do anything for love? If so, what is it that you did? What was the outcome?
Have you tried anything you have learned or read on this site in your current relationship? If so, what was it and which Blenderite gave you the inspiration?
Can you describe one or two of your favorite 'Blender Moments?'
What is your favorite thing about summer?
If you could ask your lover/spouse/significant other one question, what would it be?
Have you had a summer romance/fling that you recall with fondness?
In your experience, what is the one thing that ruins any relationship?
Do you think that real love is a fairy tale, or is it only achieved/maintained through continual hard work, or is it a little of both? Care to elaborate?
Have you ever written your sweetheart/spouse/lover a love letter (the ink on paper type)? How was it received?
Is the Fall a good time to fall in love? Is it a better time to fall in love... again? Why/why not?
Are the holidays a time to become closer with the one you love, or does the frenzy tend to promote the opposite effect?
Does your sweetheart want anything special this holiday season? Will you be giving it to them?
Will you use the New Year as a catalyst for changing anything about your love life? What and why or why not?
Do you feel as if there is something you KNOW about love that most people don't seem to grasp? If so/not, what/why?
The ultimate V-Day question: Over-commercialized or a good way to enhance romance? Elaborate, will ya?
Romance - overrated, or undersold (or a little of both)?
Are these the 'good old days' (for love)?
Is it more romantic to be spontaneous, or to carefully plan something with your sweetheart? Please explain.
Have you ever read poetry (not necessarily yours) to someone you loved? How was the experience?
Has your lover ever made a specific request for a poem (or other piece of writing)? What was that like?
What do you think it takes to write a GOOD love poem?
What is your favorite thing to do in the summertime with your sweetheart/s.o.?
In this cynical age, do you think something like everlasting love is possible? Why (why not)?
Most poets here would probably say that it's easier to write from heartache than from the joy of love. Do you agree? Why/why not?
Do you find that you have to have a reason to write a poem? Please elaborate.
What is the most important question you've ever been asked by a lover?
Do you find that women are more attuned to romance than men? Why/why not?
Love inevitably involves some pain. What hurts you most about TRULY loving someone?
Is love supposed to be easy or difficult? This is as wide or as narrow a question as you wish it to be - answer accordingly.
Do you find that the holiday season brings you closer to your sweetheart, or does it help drive a wedge between you?
Does the coming New Year present you with a fresh start? Do you plan to make any resolutions that will affect your romantic relationship?
Is 'Winter Depression' an urban myth? If you feel it is not, do you find that your relationships are affected by it? How?
What do you think is the most redeeming factor of an overly-commercialized Valentine's Day?
Do you find it easier or more difficult to write poetry in the Springtime?
Are we getting too cynical for true/romantic/lasting love?
(now the other side of that last question - keeping it exciting and new) Is it ever too late to find new ways to love?
Is love really blind? Can you provide an example (either way)?
Stephanie Coontz in her new book, "Marriage, a History," says that romance has wrecked the institute of marriage. What is your take on that?
Do you think someone must lose love in order to know exactly what love is?
Do you think that "happily ever after" is possible in today's age?
Do you think that most romances are doomed to failure? What about relationships generally?
Do events of the world give you perspective about your relationship(s)? In what way?
What is the most valuable thing you can give your lover?
Which do you prefer with your sweetheart - indoor or outdoor activities? Does this vary from season to season?
What do you want most from your Love this holiday season?
Is it important to start the New Year with a clean slate? Does a resolution of some kind work for you?
Is Valentine's Day still relevant to romance?
When you think about your sweetheart, does the word 'romance' come to mind?
Do you feel more romantic in the spring time? Why/why not?
What is the most romantic gift you have ever been given?
Who's hurt you the most in love, and what did they do?
Is it possible to completely heal from heart break?
What is worse, from a romantic perspective - being alone, or being in a bad relationship?
Who's treated you the best in love, and what did they do?

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