Heart-on-Sleeve Corner

Really, Really happy
By scqueen. when you marry the one that makes you shine...
Nothing Matters
By J. Mackey. Poem of Conviction
You Are the One
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene @hotmail.com.
Colors of my vine
By SuNcHild. Submitted by sweet_licorice007@yahoo.com. a time when I was bursting with happiess and life was perfect
By SUNCHILD. Submitted by . having a high on life.......!!
By Gary : hubelbug@yebo.co.za. The ulimate feelings
The Tingles
By Katiana Quiñones, cubes2124@cs.com. The little things that let you know your in love.
Wednesday's Storm
By scqueen. tonight in a nutshell...simply divine!
By scqueen. dancin' with my baby...
By scqueen.
Saving Grace
By Ali. time stands still, when he's near...and his love...well, it's amazing...
Help, I'm Falling Apart
By MegCN laughalotMegsm@netscape.net. He called today - after forever - and this is how I felt
Winter Nights
By Stands with a Smile. Rumors of my death are highly exaggerated..
By Stands with a Smile. Learning each other..and liking it all
Thank You
By Dido. Submitted by Jenna Holland (poetic_angel@gurlmail.com). A song that has come to mean a lot to me
By slug. my icky-sweet contribution.
I'm Back!
By Smiling Kat. Submitted by spiritsparkler@hotmail.com. I had an epiphany today that I'm single right now because I'm supposed to relearn who I really am.
Kiss me!
By Me aka Niki. =)
in your sleep
By Maggie. written in my head this morning while still in bed with my baby sleeping next to me
Infinity eternity
By Me aka Niki. This one's for Gala...
Fever & Frenzy
By B.K. .
Cookie Bear
By Misti Lake iseeparisiseefrance@yahoo.com.
The Art of Unapologetic Immaturity
By Misti Lake.
A Metaphor
Mid- Air Waiting to Land
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene@hotmail.com.
By Michael (all you can bee) - share_the_love@hotmail.com. The birds and the bees are important to know about. Both sexes are guilty.
Unfinished Rhapsody
By SusieQ.
Without The Right Roux You Got No Gumbo
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene@hotmail.com. Watching the Ken Burns documentary on "Jazz" last night which is wonderful! This title came from that.
By Michael (drink diet - it's a riot). I'm trying out Guppy's and Gala's advice. I'll try again when I'm more positive.
The Thirst
By Mark Karpinka karps23@home.com. A poem of passion and desire.
matthew seven
By kevin urenda. now this one...
Portrait of an Angel
By Rodney Ronquillo (rodneyr@idirect.ca). An expression from one's feelings to another
By B.K. . To the Man of my dreams.
By Angela Ubaldo angieubaldo@hotmail.com. my heart is breaking in your hands... like a crumbling cookie
By Angela Ubaldo angieubaldo@hotmail.com. Men a ravenous beast
It's Never Simple
I Just Know
By Elaina. Well, this is sort of an answer to 'Why Then'...
By me aka niki.
You and I
By amanda burgan. this is about my boyfriend and i, our love always wins out
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene@yahoo.com.
By Elaina. Ummm...I'm so afraid of confrontation...because my past has tired me of opening up to others.
Five Year Sentence
By scqueen.
"Set my heart free"
By Zero #1. A Tale about my emotions now, and the way I feel.
Decaying Desire
By _________@}--`--,-_________. Submitted by Stephen. A song in the making.......
By brianna_schmidt@hotmail.com.
Why I Love Her
By Jim Carroll . a tragic love poem
Now Confused
By Sarah Shafer, sarah_s_10@otmail.com. A love poem from Sarah To Kyle, because I love him and know that he is confused
Till I Can Cry No More
By blue tomorrow. Submitted by blue today.
By Elaina. I can't explain it any better than I do in my poem.
Sleepless Love
By Mandi G.. Submitted by kandy1572@yahoo.com.
Be Mine (For L.)
By H.. How much can you suffer if you love someone and cannot be together? How long can you bear the pain? Ahhh, I hate weekends!!!
Was it worth it?
By Me aka Niki. I'm making no sense. but hey, I thought about it and even though There were more tears and pain then joy, those few moments made it all ok and I did learn A lot I know...so...There is my answer..I'm a Fool, I know...;)
Not In love
By Me aka Niki. Last 1:)
Time to Sit Back
By Smiling Kat. Submitted by spiritsparkler@hotmail.com. Discovering my life true love
What then?
By Me aka Niki.
please wait
By Amy Griffing. About leaving for a while hoping that a love will wait
I never thought
By Me aka Niki. I have a totally different idea about him now...I'm sorry for him and I wish I could comfort him But I know he doesn't even want to see me...
Spiritual Soothing
By B.K. Healing Spirits be with you Darlin!
gray steel world
By hank reardon. Submitted by .
4 Seconds
By Me aka NIki. 1-2-3-4
neither here nor there
By kevin urenda. funny things pop out at 1 am...
Slowly rise
By Stands with a Smile. learning is the hardest part
to a friend
By b..
Ya Know...
By Elaina. Well, here once again something I couldn't say to your face.
I want to believe
By Me aka Niki.
He doesn't know
By Me aka Niki.
By Misti Lake iseeparisiseefrance@yahoo.com.
Fuel My Flame
By Gertrude Prescott. Tonight the words keep coming. I wish I knew where they come from.
Like riding a bycycle
By Angela Ubaldo angieubaldo@hotmail.com. loving you is like riding a bycycle with no hands...
No More
By Melissa, melissa_112@hotmail.com. I had to get this one out, it's kind of about love.
What was and What is
By whit ; whitney_23@yahoo.com. just a poem off the top of my head
Love you Still
By Me aka Niki.
By Isabella Svenska. Submitted by . A play on words; just sitting around early one morning writing. Basically ramblings.
By slug. i tried so hard for so long to write happy poetry - and it didn't come so easily. now - one moment of disquiet in the wonderment of my relationship and this thing just spills out. guess they were right - poets are sad by nature. just for some feedback- actually - brings up a really good question: why, in the midst of the unparalleled content of falling in love are there moments of insecurities?
'I Will Survive!'
because of you I learned
By me aka niki. The last year my life has changed sooooo much And I learned to eal with a lot i'm not that dumb anymore and an "adult" and I started writing to cope with my pain
Once upon a time
By The One and Only Mrs. Bootiehead. A relationship that was supposed to last...after not speaking for almost 2 weeks, except for 45 mins in the middle, i found out he told someone we broke up...nice life i have
By Katiana Quiñones, cubes2124@cs.com. This is the first part to "My Heart Keeps Loving You," which is the miniture version of how I fell in love.
Empty Arms Endless Sighs
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene@yahoo.com. Feeling the full moons effect tonight.
I will Survive
By Akash. Submitted by holywaterofganga@hotmail.com.
I Don't Care Anymore
By Elaina. well, umm...the title says it all.
Time Heals
By me aka niki.
silently into the night
By desdemona.
My Pain
By Me aka Niki. uhm...please tell me what you think...I have the feeling it lacks something.I don't know anymore, it's not easy to explain that pain...
My Pain
By Me aka Niki. changed the spelling errors and some other thinges..
By Me aka Niki. don't know what my point is with this one...It tries to explain how tired I am...
in dreams
By fever. Submitted by sp2252@collegeclub.com. bury love and it will find an escape
The Fire Inside
By Joseph Allen Hardy (aka Forest Adams) jhardylbg@hotmail.com. This is a poem that I wrote when my ex and I separated... sad but true.
My Love
By Kathi Stewart. Submitted by Katlinn@aol.com. Love Lost - And New Love Found
By Elaina. AHHH!!! I could scream...I'M SO CONFUSED.
Unwept Tears
By Elaina. Who knows?
All cried out
By Allure& 112. Submitted by Me aka Niki. every word of this is so true...My body never knew such pleasure, my heart never knew such pain,and you left me so confused, add me to the broken hearts you've collected, but now I'm all cried out over you....
A Place I Once Knew
By Elaina. Well, seems lately I'm a steaming heap of constant rambling.
Sad but True
By Me aka Niki.
By Isabella Svenska.
2 a.m.
By Isabella Svenska.
You Never Called
By Elaina. Well, you don't have to do this...you know that.
I'll Walk Away
By Elaina. Another one of those tell me kind of poems.
Just Plain Admiring
By Lauren L71785@prodigy.net. your delicate lips caress mine in perfect splendor...
I Love You This Way
By Katiana Quiñones, cubes2124@cs.com. After to months of writers block, I finally broke free and wrote this first episode to reply resent boy-friend.
By terry.
Rainy Days
By Scott. Submitted by ScottE@mac.com. Reflections on a rainy day
Sweet Name
By Newsie. The power of some beloved name
Your Voice
By Elaina. I don't know what it is about his voice but I know I could listen forever.
Covenant of a Kiss
By terry. I don't need your promises she said...
Lost in Thoughts of You
By terry. My entry in the 'Icky' contest....lol.
Love Is
By Kenyatta C. GRIMMAGE SexyBubba@goplay.com. A peom written for my mom for inspiring me so much.
By slug.
Love is
By Eric Keola Doral. Submitted by Ericginger@hotmail.com. What love is to me
Isn't the sense of smell a strange and wonderful thing?
By deevaa. lift = elevator ... part ramble, part poetry.
By Michael (fuzzy!). A portrait. Tell me if ya like it. Tell me if it sucks.
By Anonymous. Excerpt: Epilogue to an epic (2000 word) struggle to stay monogamous
Still Life
Good To The Last Drop!
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com. *wink*
I Want Him In Satin
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com.
Off Ramp
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com.
I want him to come in the summer time
By deevaa. prose-like I guess
scarlet lips
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com.
Watching and Waiting
By terry.
By Chris (cschneid@purdue.edu). Brief glimpse inside the mind of one completely overwhelmed by love.
Love Taking Away Freedom
Ignorant Hopefulness
By LFS Scorzi @yahoo.com. ...When we come to the realization that we can only love for so long without losing ourselves...
Free As a Hawk
By Gertrude Prescott.
By Angela Ubaldo angieubaldo@hotmail.com. You are my obsession
Father time
By Angela Ubaldo angieubaldo@hotmail.com. time and love dance to the beat of our hearts
Lonely But Happy.
My Pillow
By Katiana Quiñones, cubes2124@cs.com. Comfort in the only way I know
Loves Healing Touch
By sweetbeene@yahoo.com. Submitted by B.K.. Bump to Terry.
golden glow
By deevaa.
white canvas
By deevaa.
"I'll be"
By april. the description of ur ideal
Between Friendship and Romance
I Don't Know Why
By Baby. Submitted by karis26@juno.com. I don't get why you have such an affect on me!!!!!!!!!
By Rodney Ronquillo and Donald Torres. Submitted by rodneyr@idirect.ca. A dedication to a friend that we met in California
Saving Face
By Jenna Holland (poetic_angel@gurlmail.com). Haven't written in a LONG while.... this is all I could spew out... not much .... I think I'm running on empty
A friend or more?
By me aka niki. So Am I talking weird stuff now?
Is this love?
By Josh Ingerman, lilwolf34@yahoo.com. how i feel
By Kris Whiteley depressedpoet@msn.com. Poem about a friend
Can't Let Go
By Smiling Kat. Submitted by spiritsparkler@hotmail.com. Just something I had to get off my chest. I usually write my poems out first, but this one came right from my heart directly to my typing fingers.
My existence
By Intentionally Withheld. Submitted by Angeli. True love never dies
i like the scenery
By b..
Angel on Earth
By Brian Homick. Submitted by Brian (Swag39729@aol.com). The magnificence of pure love
Love Found
Now I Know
By Peter fiero1983@yahoo.com.
And the Clock Tolls Midnite
By Brandy ~ LdyLily21@aol.com. On New Years at 12 o'clock exactly, this is what I wanted to say to the guy who has come into my life and has made it more wonderful than ever immaginable...but couldn't find the perfect time.
As Only We Can
By B.K,. Submitted by sweetbeene@yahoo.com.
By tiffany grlprpl19@yahoo.com. what can i say; he is my muse
make love and pancakes
By tiffany tiffysf19@yahoo.com. wow! happy love poems? score!
december was good to me
By tiffany tiffysf19@yahoo.com. december delivers more than big credit card bills
By Peter fiero1983@yahoo.com. to you my love, my artist
You're More to me (Dear Valentine)
By rodneyr@idirect.ca. This song follows a year after I wrote a song entitled "Treasure you", which I dedicated to my first Valentine's Date (Melanie.) The memory of that time brought me to a caring, loving place. This was the inspiration for the song
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene@yahoo.com.
By SusieQ. One night stand . . . ?
Imperfect Love
By Anita-Ann Bazlamit Nesett@msn.com.
you are my love
By monique indaflsun@aol.com. when i think i of him, i feel....... whole
Trust Me (because I love you)
By terry. Resub just to get back to Angel's good graces........lol.
I Need A Word
By Kayla Driscoll.
By Man-D . Submitted by kandy1572@yahoo.com. For feelings so strong that it hurts
The End
By KDF. Submitted by kandy1572@yahoo.com. For Man-D
Sitting Still
By TJ Holland. It's been a while since I've been here...things are changing, as they inevitably do...the tide is coming in.
Surrender to You
By Elaina. My submission to Galas' Challenge. Another short and sweet one.
There is a line.
By Stands with a Smile. The look you cannot mistake
Late For Dinner
By Mark Andrus, screenwriter, "Late For Dinner", 1991. Submitted by Maggie. said after returning to his wife after being cryogenically frozen for 30 years
Soundless Symphony
By Wally . The power of finding the one
The Edge
By Wally . On the edge of love.
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene@yahoo.com. Something about pie inspired this..lol.
My Butterfly
By Angeli. Say my name - Buffy & Angel'd romance & destiny reflect on my life
You are my everything
By Amy Griffing.
By leilani. Submitted by . by a girl
You Touch Me
By Nica (cuddlz00@yahoo.com).
Twisted Fate
By Elaina. Everything happns for a reason...I hope.
With Every Step
By terry.
When I go walking at night here
By Christopher D. Lake. written in Nederland Texas
Im waiting for you
By april. u always think theres no one perfect
all i need
By april. is there anyone out there like this?
falling for you
By april. part two to all i need
Damn It! I Did It Again
By Gertrude Prescott.
i give my life
By Angela Ubaldo angieubaldo@hotmail.com. I give my life to you
I love you
By Melissa. This is for Marcus, the only one I need!
Wonsering Soul
By Nick (loverboy____32@hotmail.com. Just a love poem.
By Nick (loverboy____32@hotmail.com. Finding true love.
Whispers in the night
By IAN Adidas ian351695@cs.com email me for your opinions. the love you feel at night
What is love
By Michelle. Submitted by tigrisfx@aol. poem of love
Inside and out
By Me aka Niki.
our first kiss
By Kathleen. I know its silly, too be this old and feel like this, but its a rough draft tell me what you think, please
Our 1st Kiss
By Kathleen. just feeling better about someone
a breakdown
By me aka niki. found a title
By terry.
Beside You Alone
By Megs. The title is the perfect expression of how I feel...the poem is an attempt at expanding that idea...
By Sarah Shafer, sarah_s_10@hotmail.com. Apoem to Kyle from Sarah. It is because of you. People please write to me about this stuff I write, cuz I like to hear your comments. Thanks
Just you
By me aka niki. Wrote this one in 2 minutes I think...Just you, I can't explain...
I miss you
By Angela Ubaldo angieubaldo@hotmail.com. I miss you
By Angela Ubaldo angieubaldo@hotmail.com. I
Are you gonna be there?
By Melissa. I hate waiting.
Walking in the rain
By Me aka Niki.
Something Else
When The Heart Decides
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60@aol.com. You can live a long time on the fence---but sometime you have to get down, and get on with your life.......
Lullabye For Lover
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Something soft and sweet and soothing....
One More Chance
By Elaina. Well, here we go again, one more year to find love...
take or leave him?
By me aka niki. soo should I? or not?
soul of clay
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. dust to dust........
La Mort du Symbiot Wade
By Wade M Saathoff. Submitted by nanocat41@aol.com. poetic, yet hauntingly fruity
Arms of Grace
By Ali. would you catch me...
By scqueen.
It can never be...
By Passing Fancy.
The Man Who Thought Too Much
By Riggs. it's prose, but i'd be interested to see how people answer the question...
Empty Temptress
By scqueen. watch out, they'll get you...
Her Time
By scqueen. For Mimi, my best friend's grandmother and a powerful woman.
February Blooms
By scqueen.
Never Getting It Right
By Reaper. Submitted by X_D_Reaper_X@Hotmail.com. Finding The Right Words
By Elaina. Does this help????
polluted silence
By the guppy.
A Dog's Life
By Riggs. forgive this stupid piece of silliness, i couldn't help myself. The original idea is from Billy Connolly joke...
she died daily
By sarah dragonfleyes@excite.com.
By Aaron... cloudy@infowest.com. of my thoughts
Not the Same
By Ali. i miss him, today...which is kinda sad, b/c i shouldn't miss him, after all this time...things have been crazy in my life...i used to run to him...now, it seems, i've got nowhere to go
I Cannot Name It
By Ali. a feeling, among other feelings, that has no name...he was real enough
my gift -YOU-
By me aka niki. I hope it's allright....it doesn't make a lot of sense does it?
No More
By Du'Doll. Goodbyes can be so hard
The Last Flight Out
By TheDubalPoet. A sincere poem for that special "Best Friend"
Inside your hug
By slug. hey - can i get feedback on this one kindof quickly? i'm wanting to pass it on - but only if it passes inspection first. thanks, guys!
Used to Be
By terry.
what I need
By deevaa. I don't have the answers tonight.... or the words to ask
By terry.
the email
By deevaa. Submitted by .
Your worst fear.
By deevaa.
Moths Come Out All Stirred
By distant moon. 4:44am make a wish....i did
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60@aol.com. The first time he said it to me, I nearly died.......
By Timothy Axe, Rebbel25@aol.com.
No 9 to 5
By Peter fiero1985@yahoo.com. there is always another way.
In Your Veins
By Ali. I'm sick...literally...so this is mostly delerious ranting...my apologies, ahead of time
Only a Nightmare...
By Ali. woken from a nightmare...but is it just a nightmare...
without you
By jack.
the park bench
By jack.
crimson sky
By jack.
a waste
By jack.
By Dollface.
somethin at least
By jack.
out of janesville
By the guppy.
top of the world
By the guppy.
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com. short prose piece
Loves Healing Power
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene @hotmail.com. Believe Darling!
By jack.
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60@aol.com. It's not all that hard...just smash the glass and eat the shards a piece at a time....or at least it feels like that....
shhh listen
By jack.
By deevaa. sort of a bump to Jack....
a splendor
By me aka niki.
plastic melts
By sarah dragonfleyes@excite.com.
The Heart I Would Hold
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial. some hearts are keepers, and you know it from the very first touch.....
Thailand Nightscape
By Riggs.
Never Mind Roses
By Riggs.
Hang TIght Baby
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene@hotmail.com.
By David Rosema. Submitted by @aol. com. ccaallmm. No
By SusieQ.
Swapping Spit
By scqueen.
you beautiful machine
By the guppy.
Silence Rules the Night
By terry.
Take me Away
By Cathy kattnip1013@aol.com.
I am glad you are gone...
By Akash. Submitted by Holywaterofganga@hotmail.com.
A Dylan Day
By terry. one of those days...
Once and again
By me aka niki. don't even ask=) I know I'm going to make one big mistake...but hey...
Undying Love!!!
By IvoryJaguar.
By deevaa.
By terry.
Dizzy for You
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene @hotmail.com. I love you Darlin. Keep Your Chin Up!
follow me
By jack.
By the guppy.
The whole package
By me aka niki. I'm going to change some things though, not totally done!=)
Hope never dies...
By Akash. Submitted by holywaterofganga@hotmail.com.
The Obvious
By Ali. alright...i'm still under the weather, so i don't know how good this one turned out..
Like Nothing Else
By Ali. more rant...
Bedroom Eyes
By distant moon. something for someone sweet
By distant moon. a story of a troubled relationship
is this we?
By jack. umm well last one fer a while er so ..lol if i have any still reading mine
better than perfection
By Jim Carroll rafterjc@iwon.com. what it is like with my lover
By Michael (whisper) - share_the_love@hotmail.com. Anyone heard her?
Glowing After....a bump
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60@aol.com. Sometimes the heart speaks for something more important than me....
As I Should
By Ali. not playing by the rules...
By Ali. elaina...sorta a response to 'help'...i hope it makes sense...=)
My Eyes
By Ali. this is definatly an odd poem on my part...
Forgive Me
By Du'Doll. I am sorry I disapointed you, I never ment to let you down
One last Chance
By Me aka niki. Rewrite...
in the end
By Me aka niki. It's true though...
beneath the armor
By the guppy.
haiku soul
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. I'll never reach the summit of haiku-dom as our long-lost Isolde did regularly...
there is more earth than sea
By kevin urenda. the words of someone close to me inspired this whole thread... the imagery, though, comes from an old Genesis tune...
The Treasure Hunt
By Maggie. bump to scqueen...thinking about how treasures come in all different shapes and forms
Ashes to Ashes
By Megs. Sorry to be the dark cloud...the first line completely bumped (read-stolen) from Kev...can you forgive me? A thought on...well read it and take what you will...
the fog, part I
By sarah dragonfleyes@excite.com. just a beginning.....seeing where it goes.....
Who Knows....
By Ali. I see no reason for people to be unkind, or mean....is there a reason?
In their eyes
By me aka niki. I couldn't seem to forget him, And nobody was good enough...
Pieces of you
By me aka niki. Sometimes I feel Like my head is going to explode...
To Understand
By Ali. it's seems lately all i do is rant...
By scqueen.
For Kristina Hogan
By scqueen. love can kill...
White Rabbits
By scqueen.
Forget "The Rules," Just Kiss Me Quick!
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene@hotmail.com.
Sun and Moon
By Judy .
right kind of wrong
By pix. a little twist on the song
prelude to sadness: part IV
By sarah dragonfleyes@excite.com.
the fog, part II
By sarah dragonfleyes@excite.com.
Like You Used To
By Ali. i don't know how to describe this one...
What We Need
By Ali. and the dream moves on...
By Wing.
What's happening?
By Me aka niki.
By Unknown. Submitted by Jenna Holland (poetic_angel@gurlmail.com). I'm being corney tonight....
the pilot
By deevaa. sorry for posting this here, I just had to get it out... I watcheda pilot died on Mt Victoria today
find myself
By pix.
By pix.
By the guppy.
maledom (reprise)
By the guppy. whoops...typo
Corgi Dancing
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene@hotmail.com. The Boyz make me smile, when all else fails.
By the guppy. pure evil
Meaningless Nonsense
By Elaina. I don't know why I write anymore...
Hardly Understood
By Ali. this one is pretty short, for me....
By Akash. Submitted by Holywaterofganga@hotmail.com.
memory lane
By me aka niki. this happens to me every once in a while.....its pretty long i know...
Spiritual Seduction
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Some make you want to take off your clothes---but what about the one who makes you want to take off your skin?
By Kiwi.
modern day fairy tale
By sarah dragonfleyes@excite.com.
By Elaina. I can't sleep, and I don't know why...what's new.
For What It's Worth
By Ali. i don't think he'll ever know....
By *Eryn* eryngonzales@hotmail. I am not bitter. I love guys. This describes the bitterness of the moment.
What Else Can I Say?
By Ali. this is for craig, not that I think he'll ever stumble upon this site...it's written for him, anyway...
Short and Sweet
By Elaina. Not usual for me.
By the guppy.
By Du'Doll. When someone turns on you
By me aka niki.
wrong Vs right
By me aka niki.
My rose
By me aka niki.
The man behind the mask
By TheDubalPoet. Submitted by liquidtension_55@yahoo.com. Who is the person behind the smile?
must've eaten something
By the guppy.
Kissing After Midnight
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial. No peck on the cheek, this.
By the guppy.
By the guppy.
10 things I hate about you
By me aka niki. got the idea from the movie "10 things I hate about you" ;)
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene@yahoo.com. flower
Not That Kind Of Love
By Elaina. I feel I need to correct what damage I may have caused.
By Ali. i think i know him...or i thought i did...i don't know...
The Dream Never Ends...
By Akash. Submitted by Holywaterofganga@hotmail.com.
I Can't Be Me
By Elaina. Well, I don't miss myself much, but I'm starting to wither and I don't want to go out this way.
By kevin urenda. my last really inspired late-night for a while now...
shouting stones
By kevin urenda. no, not Rolling Stones
By kevin urenda. and now, a couple obligatory sappy new year's love poems...
no path
By kevin urenda. (sappily, I wrote this on the same scrap as the poem, but it sounded too much like that song from the 70s) "I love you is not just words / but the air of you I breathe"
Bursting Bubbles
By Devin. Submitted by .
By Du'Doll. What my nights are like, laying on my bed
Forget You!!!!
By Du'Doll. How do you get someone out of your system when you keep falling for him
in the morning
By sarah dragonfleyes@excite.com.
afraid of the light
By othello.
beneath the quiet sea
By sarah dragonfleyes@excite.com.
Method To Your Madness
By Ali. he just doesn't make sense...
By scqueen. ...my version
A love letter
By me aka niki. a letter that I wrote to him, But I won't ever give it to him
By the guppy.
For Thou Who Is Mistaken
By Stephen. _______@}-`--,-________
--Then Fall Caesar
By Stephen. ______@}--`--,-_______
Not Fade Away
By Riggs.
By Wing.
Seven Years
By Wing.
By scqueen.
eulogy of a woman
By sarah dragonfleyes@excite.com.
A Member of My Family
By Du'Doll. When a family member is drifting farther and farther away
6 first attempts at haiku
By nataliaanna@yahoo.com. some "love of nature" american free verse haiku (first attempts)that i would love to have criticized
Moments of Clarity
By Misti Lake.
Dilemma of an Air Trine Couple
By Misti Lake.
Just have to tell ...Lisa
By TheVampire@goplay.com. Sorry...forgot her name in the tite
Two To Tango
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60@aol.com. This ain't the foxtrot.
The Name of The Game
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60@aol.com. For example in Treacle contest only....
My Sweet Valentine Treat For You
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene @hotmail.com. as icky sweet as you can get!! LOL
My sorrow
By TheDubalPoet. You are not alone my friend!
Colour Girl
By Riggs. i often feel emotions in terms of colours
How Sweet It Is
By scqueen. Gala ~ here is my entry :-)
married man
By Kelly Price. Submitted by Me aka Niki. I love these lyrics, i have been in this situation before and wow
One Last Time
By Ali. i'd do it all over again...
Only a Second
By Ali. just me, ranting yet again....anyone surprised?
For Her Honor
By TheDubalPoet. Showing my love to that special person I will adore!
By twinky (meese42@lycos.com). Just a disjointed musing.
By Elaina. He was different last night, and I'm not sure if it was because he's sick or what...however, it did make me think.
The Way I Feel, After Goodbye
By Du'Doll. After I say goodbye
Off with a Fairy
By Devin.
I'm sorry
By Wing.
Why so complicated/
By Wing.
By Wing.
Amazed (By Lonesttar)
By Lonestar.
icky valentine
By kevin urenda. be mine... I'll make you melt... (okay, okay, it's my sappy sweet entry... with apologies to Montrose...)
the bird who were singing
By sarah dragonfleyes@excite.com.
Meet Me There...
By Ali. a special place, where anything is possible...
sweet valentine
By sarah dragonfleyes@excite.com.
Sorry, not today II
By deevaa. so sweet it made his eyeballs sticky. LOL
More Than Words
By Elaina. ????
Leave It Up To ME...
By Elaina. to mess things up.
chocolate cheese
By the guppy. my entry...
morning erotica
By sarah dragonfleyes@excite.com. ummmm the name says it all, be not the virgin of eyes to spy upon thee!
what to do?
By kevin urenda. not a fighter... but not a quitter, either...
By kevin urenda. written in traditional haiku form, a trilogy of sorts...
By kevin urenda.
By kevin urenda.
Chasing Glass
By scqueen.
Black and Orange
By scqueen.
These Thoughts...
By Ali. jumbled, cloudy...my head is a mess
My Heartbeat
By Ali. Gala...Here's my submission to the contest...
Green Meanies
By scqueen.
By scqueen.
Show Me
By Elaina. A plead in a way to 'you know who' The roles are sort of reversed for once...I can't quit asking questions.
By sarah dragonfleyes@excite.com.
Smile at Me...Please!
By Du'Doll. I need to know that you love me, but right now I am not so sure
By Ali. don't have a description for this one...
By Ali. he believe's what he wants...i guess sometimes, we all do...
By Elaina . Scared to death of what I've unleashed.
By Elaina. Do you ever stop and wonder why you write, I mean I used to think it was for myself, but I'm not sure anymore
It Might Have Been
By Jon Angelo Deleon Santos. Submitted by JonLuvsCocaCola@aol.com. What might have been....
From the movie "Arthur"
By Maggie. my favorite line from the movie "Arthur"
Wind Song
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial. Trying my hand at improv poetry....
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial. Improv 2---
Talent for love and the paino
By Me aka Niki.
Sleep Dear Child
By Du'Doll. For you children as I watch you sleep
By Kathleen. realizing a mistake
By Kathleen. just that kind of day
meet me
By sarah dragonfleyes@excite.com.
leviathan (rewrite)
By sarah.
My First Thought
By Elaina. Well, he's says a lot of things and soetimes they don't click for a while and others have an instant response.
An Addiction
By Ali. wrote this late at night, last night...couldn't sleep...
By Elaina. It's like a bad dream that wakes you and then as soon as you're asleep it starts all over again.
Mistaken Identity
By Misti Lake. a manic monologue
Song of a Sated Yoni
By Misti Lake.
long overdue blossoming
By Misti Lake.
1+1= a fuller one
By Misti Lake.
We All Fall Down
By Misti Lake.
Hard Candy Christmas
By Carol Hall. Submitted by Misti Lake. My favorite song from "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas"
By the guppy.
By the guppy.
Shouldn't Feel Like This
By Ali. somehow, still under my skin...arg
See the Little Snake
By reptilegurl .
Game Show
By Misti Lake iseeparisiseefrance@yahoo.com. a note to the alter ego weary: I'm not responsible for the two above.
Heart On a Pedestal
By TheDubalPoet. For those who hearts are broken... you have have a love!
A Loosely Lived Life
By TheDubalPoet. Do you hold on to things too tightly?
By Gertrude Prescott. This is no exaggeration... He still has the scratch marks on his back!
A Prisoner of Lies
By TheDubalPoet. Gertrude, I know your hurting.. there is a way out!
By B.K..
The Love For Nicky
By carlsons@sympatico.ca.
My Best Friend Lori
By carlsons@sympatico.ca. I moved these for you carlson...(bk)
Wild Women Blues
By Ida Cox. Submitted by scqueen. wild women are the only kind that really get by...
By Ali. i don't know how to describe this...
Waterfall Woman
By deevaa. this might be a bit obscure
By Elaina. I don't know, I'm in a weird mood.
The Women at Your Side
By Du'Doll. To someone I know that doesn't realize what he has
Loss Of Inspiration
By Elaina. I've tried writing a poem 3 times today and alway in the middle my computer disconnects
At a Loss For Words
By Elaina. ummm...
So Long Ago
By Elaina. An ex-ex-ex boyfriend that's on my mind.
I've Got You Figured Out
By Elaina. He doesn't think I do, but I do...I think.
Here are the reasons....
By Wing.
I know you knew...
By Wing.
By Wing.
the piano
By sarah dragonfleyes@excite.com.
Looking for you
By Wing.
By Wing.
A day in love
By Ken H. Submitted by Wudib4u@yahhoo.com.
being together
By Ken H. Submitted by wudib4u@yahoo.com. night of passion
Then I Will
By Ali. contradiction is something i keep seeing all around me..
January 29, 2001
By Elaina . I wrote this today, because for some reason I couldn't talk to you. Please talk to me.
By Elaina. Wow, I never thought I could talk so much, and for that matter that you could talk so little.
Dream or Utopia
By Brian Homick. Submitted by Brian (swag39729@aol.com). A dreamers thought of utopia on earth
All That I Am
By Du'Doll. I keep looking at myself and I don't want to look anymore
By Fernando Jose Uriarte. Submitted by Ferny Freshguy21@hotmail.com. what can I say...it was just a thought =)
the avenue
By the guppy.
By Fernando Jose Uriarte. Submitted by Ferny Freshguy21@hotmail.com. I don't know is just that every time I go through this I wonder who I am... and this is where my HOPES give me strengh..
A Reason
By Du'Doll.
Her For Her, You For You
By Ali. part ramble....part...well, okay, all ramble...
By Fernando Jose Uriarte. Submitted by Ferny Freshguy21@hotmail.com. hope for a better tomorrow.....
By Ali. stuck in the past...lost in it all
By Ali. things change, an awefull lot...yeah, i'm stating the obvious, right?
My favorite smells
By Me aka Niki.
By Elaina. I don't care how bad or how good I just want him to talk to me.
Boys Are Dumb
By Elaina. sorry it is quite childish, but my heart is getting broken and I have to vent.
What now?
By Elaina. I don't know what to do, and I know he looked and the caller ID saw it was me and didn't answer.
I Know
By Elaina. I know what you are doing...so if you ever read this...learn from it.
Just For Looks
By scqueen.
Magnetic fridge poetry, 'Lovers edition'
By deevaa. ummm......
on janesville
By r. stonecloud. was this directed at me?
tail spin mode
By deevaa. I always thought I was a confident person... seems like we all have our insecurities
where are you?
By me aka niki.
By Sarah Shafer, sarah_s_10@hotmail.com. The change in a relationship from Sarah To Kyle E. I love you
Silent Dancer
By Kris Whiteley depressedpoet@msn.com. About a girl who basically disappeared from my life and unknown to her what it has done to my life
By me aka niki. it's true
Second Thought
By Elaina. A letter of sorts, just to explain myself. I think when I said "i'm giving up" I got the wrong idea across.
I don't know How to feel
By Larissa, beaner8269@yahoo.com. confusing topics
By Angela Ubaldo angieubaldo@hotmail.com. Love complicates confuson
It just goes to show
By Me aka Niki. this really happend, all of a sudden we were alone and after 3 seconds we were kissing..
By Fernando Jose Uriarte. Submitted by Ferny Freshguy21@hotmail.com. This is what I think mari would write...hehehe
Live for Today
Let's Go Native
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene@yahoo.com. Dreaming of you Darlin!
Run Away
By terry.
I want him to come in the summer time
By deevaa. a re-write
By David Rosema. Submitted by @aol. com. Ccaallmm. A letter to a person named Sunshine (a new and dear friend)
My Addiction
By Elaina. Oh, I just can't stop analyzing!! Just talking crazy (you know who) another one you can't say anything about!!!!! It can't be explained...I'm sorry, maybe if you ask me when I least expect it...I don't know??????
Sampler of Life
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene @hotmail.com. I can feel it !
Her Lover Dies Inside
By Megs. ...pathetic attempt. But this IS theraputic.
If my life should fall away
By Michael (fathom) share_the_love@hotmail.com. Let her know before you go.
By blue today.
Unspoken Words
By Elaina. Ummm...we'll just pretend I didn't say that..ummm...I was just kidding anyway.
Everyone But You
By Elaina. I don't know what to say about this, it makes me kind of sick to my stomach, and it is a little childish, but I am a teenager and I try and write on personal subjects.
By Elaina. All the things I forget about when I'm with him.
When I'm with you
By Me aka Niki.
Why Have A Title
By Ashley Skye.
Love Lost
Awake and rise . . .
By Quakeadelic. Submitted by Quakeadelic@yahoo.com.
By JOSIE jobearclare@hotmail.com. I HOPE YOU CAN FORGIVE ME
By Courtney, Lickwidbase@yahoo.com. A harsh word delivered from an ex such as this, and I thought it was love...
Untitled (As Of Now)
By Sarah S.. Submitted by sarah_s_10@hotmail.com. Various Writtings out of love
The Memory Remains
By The Dragon. Submitted by Glenn Chapman gchapman@delrio.com. A love gone horribly wrong
Missing you
By Sarah O.. Submitted by Sarah (Swasarah07@yahoo.com. A poem about my ex- whom I miss very much
Underachieving Romeo
By SusieQ.
"Space Between Us"
By SusieQ.
My Heart Keeps Loving You
By Katiana Quiñones, cubes2124@cs.com. 16 year-old poet, tired of hiding behind the curtains, and ready to share and reveal myself to whomever welcomes me.
Well, I Have Lost You
By Edna St. Vincent Millay. Submitted by Red . just a favorite that describes my situation.
By Brandy ~ LdyLily21@aol.com. My love left me and this was my promise to myself and how I broke it.
Empty Dreams
By Judy judyb@flashmail.com.
Looking Back
By Elaina. Oops...something you should never do...stupid me.
I Cannot Cry
By Brandy ~ LdyLily21@aol.com. Why is it when you feel that the tears should come, they don't?
By Elaina. Someday he'll remember...
By Amy Chandler. The words of longing love
Angels On Your Shoulder
By Ali. wrote this late night...
A piece of her in ME.
By Rob Volpato. Submitted by ROBERT VOLPATO ziggyzag30@homail.com. To someone very special that was in my life
I know I can't have you
By Danni. Submitted by . Why I can't have you
By Danny Henderson. poem about love not working out
two-pronged hornet
By the guppy.
Life Without You
By Brandy ~ LdyLily21@aol.com. a relationship that I have been in off and on for a long time now...once thinking that it was heading towards marriage, from his end anyways, and now....who knows...
Times like these
By Me aka Niki. I'm having a very very very bad time now
I Give Up
By Elaina. Ummm...sorry (you know who you are) sorry so long, among other things.
No Longer A Child
By Leela. This is how I felt, metaphorically physical and emotional.
Only Love is Real
By Angeli. A romantic who believes that love transcends time
Once I Loved a Sailor
By Kathleen Caldwell myceltickmagick@hotmail.com. a love lost to death
...and it all washes away
By terry.
Unhealed Heart of Mine...
By Kim. Submitted by itlnpncss@yahoo.com. poem of undying love of a long-term relationship
Pocket Full of Stars...
By Kim. Submitted by itlnpncss@yahoo.com. a poem about if stars could really grant you wishes...
He Didn't Know
By Jon Angelo Deleon Santos. Submitted by Cocacolapinoy56@aol.com. He never wanted to know...
The Homeplace
By Randolph. memories of a lost love
A breakdown
By Me aka Niki. Some thins that would happen when he left me or he made me feel alone and not loved..Breakdown..so many tears...
Nothing Comes of Nothing
By Ali. thinking...pondering...and, yeah, that usually gets me into trouble...
now, in autumn hours she dreams of you
By deevaa. I was very productive this weekend, this is the 2nd of 2 works.
By Nick (loverboy____32@hotmail.com. After a brake up with a true love.
By Katiana Quiñones. Still waiting by the phone.
My Recollections of You...
By Kim. Submitted by itlnpncss@yahoo.com. me recalling memories of my ex-love
By Fernando Jose Uriarte. Submitted by Ferny Freshguy21@hotmail.com. just your typical memory lane
By Fernando Jose Uriarte. Submitted by Ferny Freshguy21@hotmail.com. Simple....today i lose love tomorrow I'll lose another...lol Same-o
Frozen Heart
By Katiana Quiñones. no approach in poetry for me I'm using rhythm, meter, assonance, and personification, in a chilling abyss of love lost
Isn't the sense of smell a strange and wonderful thing? - in full
By deevaa. I've been writing a daily web-journal, and have found that by writting longer rambles I often have ideas for short poetry peices, this is the full version of the snippet I posted earlier
Other Factors Interfere
I'm Happy Where I Am
By Elaina. Well, Mr. "this will help you overcome your confrontation fear" well did you ever think that maybe I'm happy where I am???
Biting My Tongue
By Elaina. Ummm...not sure just a thought and a little fear I suppose.
I can seddly see his pain!
By Sarah Shafer, sarah_s_10@hotmail.com. I love him and I can saddly see his pain he desplays, so despratly. Apoem from sarah to kyle, I love ya no matter what your decision.
By Danny D.. Submitted by kandy1572@yahoo.com. For a love that has been there for years
Loves Time Writers
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene@yahoo.com.
What Could Have Been
By ~*Truelies*~. Written just as I was reminising with an old friend. These words were spoken. It made me think.
I See You
By Katiana Q.. The beginning of a new relationship. And the chaos of trust.
Can't Believe I'm Still Alive
By Katiana Quiñones. A new approach for my in poetry. A troublesome relationship with a lot of bumps on the road, dealing with parental interferance.
Keep You
By Katiana Quiñones, cubes2124@cs.com. More chaos, in a never ending fued of fights,tears, break-ups, and reconciliation.
In the lull
By Stands with a smile. The emptiness..and the understanding
Life as Second Fiddle
Hear No Evil, See No Evil
By Debra654@aol.com. deaf and blind, but never dumb
Admiring From Afar
You Know Where the Key Is
By B.K.. Submitted by sweetbeene@yahoo.com. bumping Terry
A lover's critique of video sent...
By Mad Max. Submitted by madmax2crazy@usa.net. Things I loved upon viewing my cyberlove's video
By Poet on Call. For ammy78@yahoo.com....one love poem as requested just for you.
By Sunchild. a flare of hope in long distance relationships
By Victor T. Rescan. Submitted by Dane M. Goulet. Looking at the one I love.
You will be the one...
By Akash. Submitted by Holywaterofganga@hotmail.com.
To Be With You
By dboyd3@prodigy.com.
Sunrise Haiku
By terry.
By Melissa. this is something I worte for a crush
You, Who?
By Brian Homick. Submitted by Brian (Swag39729@aol.com). A love to be?
His Voice
By Kathleen.

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