Heart-on-Sleeve Corner

Really, Really happy
Angel in Disguise
Lessons From Our Good Pal Ozzy
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
By Dawn. Submitted by dawnc@netsync.net. A lover's visit...
Misti & Chris...a nonlinear transcript
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
By d (www.dev0n.com). i'm back.. with a slightly silly disjointed poem.. for g. (still a work in progress)
By d (www.dev0n.com). not so amazing poem about an amazing sunday
This is the Day!
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
Back Door Man
By candyman. contrary to popular belief, this song is not about anal sex
By Tanna. Sometimes you just can't get enough...
By Misti Velvet Rainwater. one of THOSE kinda poems...:)
Drunk as Drunk
By Pablo Neruda. Submitted by Misti Velvet Rainwater. For my Chris.
Thank You
By Beth (Angel1624@hotmail.com). For all that you do for me.....Donovan
By Danielle . I thought of this after he left that night...
Why I love you
By Edward Telles shadow9496@hotmail.com. To my wonderful girlfriend
The Full Me
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
A Metaphor
The Flame
By The Frosted One. It's a choice everyone makes......
Unicorn Hunt
By Freddy forlorn.unicorn@paradise.net.nz. Very strange I guess.. it feels like there is something I need to add to it but it hasn't struck me yet... I hope I'll finish it in the near future
By Freddy forlorn.unicorn@paradise.net.nz. how can i describe it?
Rose Garden
By Dave Cias Nicron@aol.com. READ IT
Winter Sun
By Paul B.
We're All The Sins Of Yesterday
By Eric, thenuttman@aol.com. i was on hiatus (sp?)...it's 5AM this time...i'm not all me...if that means anything
By Elizabeth Fontaine. Submitted by egrieco@ptd.net. Reflecting after a blissful morning!
Never Mind Alla That
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
Emotional Heroin
By slug. on being an addict
"Ode on a Grecian Urn"
By John Keats. Submitted by egrieco@ptd.net. The Urn is unchanged through the centuries!
Rainstorms Forecasted Tonight
By terry. It's still monsoon season in the desert and tonight was something to behold.
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. not Fred and Ginger...
Stormy Inside
By Paul B.
It's Never Simple
Driftin' Away
By Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines. Submitted by Tanna. Sometimes the music can say it better. We're "us" now, but sometimes this relationship feels like it's on borrowed time - and it's mostly my fault
By Beth (Angel1624@hotmail.com). For Donovan
"Why Do You Love Me"
By terry. When you ask your guy this, remember...there may be reasons fror a bungled answer...or even no answer at all. Sometimes not obvious ones, after all we all have a history...
The Call
By sickgerl@hehe.com. This is for Haidil again...I wanna call him 4 the 1st time, but i duuno wat wld happen if i did.....so this is how i felt after i called him, only to know that he was not in!!!!All my courage was put to waste!!And that meant i have to call again!! *sigh
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
Nonlinear Transcript #2
By Misti Velvet Rainwater. This is the real deal. I specialize in honesty.
The Good, Bad, & Ugly
By Paul Joannides. Submitted by Misti Velvet Rainwater. An excerpt from *Guide to Getting it On!*
By slug. a little post-teen angst for breakfast
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com.
Ha Ha Said the Clown
By Manfred Mann. Submitted by Buzz. This song might make you cry. Sorry.
So Far Away
By Larissa/ beaner8269@yahoo.com. love that has distance between it
By Rachael McVeigh, squeaky7@hotmail.com. The way life just jumps up and bites you when you don't expect it to.
The Man In The Mirror
By terry. Dichotomy reigns today it seems...
Every Which Way But Loose
By Dorff/Brown/Garrett. Submitted by Misti Velvet Rainwater. One of Eddie Rabbit's greatest hits.
Raging Engaging Karma Kaleidoscope
By Misti Velvet Rainwater, Mistress of Muchness.
The story of us!
By amandakuli@hotmail.com. this is the story of what my bf and i had to over come to be together!!
By princess leia. this was an apology and a present
Crazier Than the Devil Hisself
By Misti Velvet Rainwater. Aggravated assault of the English language.
'I Will Survive!'
five minutes of living and learning
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com. a collection of feelings in a story-line
By optimistic_pessimist85. take it as you like,..
By Elizabeth Fontaine. Submitted by egrieco@ptd.net. We all feel pain from the same vein!
By cindy dayja@cybrzn.com. to my ex, i thought i loved
By Michael (what's missing). Submitted by share_the_love@hotmail.com. Someday
By MY OWN . Submitted by john_j@mtn.co.za.
By Jo Morrison. Submitted by chameleon_jogirl@yahoo.com. with acknowledgments of my mother during hardships, made my own.
By Beth (Angel1624@hotmail.com). It will work.....for Donovan
Beneath the Flames
By Elizabeth Fontaine Grieco. Submitted by egrieco@ptd.net. What a walk in the woods will do for the lonely soul!
Just Plain Admiring
Sun Goddess
By Michael mrh079@aol.com. another piece of "woman-worship"
Sonnet XLIII
By Elizabeth Barrett Browning ("Sonnets from the Portuguese"). Submitted by Tanna. Back to the basics...my all time favorite .
like macy said...
By deevaa. listening to Macy Gray and day dreaming about someone...
Elton John's Ass & St. John's Wort
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
Chance of Rain
By d-lite, danapyoung@netscape.net. A silly poem for a very groovey guy
Where Does She Go?
By terry. Submitted by terry39@juno.com. Dee's post about Beauty was lingering so I wrote it out.
your arms
By slug.
By Edward Abbey. Submitted by Misti Velvet Rainwater. A journal entry and poem from *Confessions of a Barbarian*
le femme nikita
By Michael (how many ladies do I know?). Submitted by share_the_love@hotmail.com. For Nikki, the other lady I got mail from daily. As always comments welcome.
By Misti Velvet Rainwater. Rapunzel rocks, doggone it.
Circus Penis
By Misti Velvet Rainwater. inspired by circus peanuts (orange marshmallow candy...YUM!)
I Need You
By Ty Lacy & Dennis Matkosky. Submitted by terry. for Mr. or Ms. anonymous
Crazy He Calls Me
By Carl Sigman/Bob Russell. Submitted by Misti Velvet Rainwater. My favorite Billie Holiday song. Take a coupla Benadryl (if you're sneezin'), put in a blue lightbulb, play her greatest hits and it's sweet dreams...
Love Taking Away Freedom
By Michael (just one fix). Submitted by share_the_love@hotmail.com. Just say no.
By maria@net999.com. This was a totally bizarre dream I had. Not my usual style, but interesting.
Someday Soon
By Ian Tyson. Submitted by Misti Velvet Rainwater. A song I love to sing and hope to learn on the guitar.
The Crystal Ship
By Jim Morrison. Submitted by Misti Velvet Rainwater. Our favorite Doors song...
Still Life
By Jeni (Fantmn1597@aol.com). I encountered a new bitter-sweet situation. just another experiance to tuck away. well, I got inspiration from it at least.
Dépense (Expenditure)
By Hank Christian. Submitted by Hank lovesdoormat@aol.com. There's this hummingbird feeder right outside my bedroom window...
By Heather dreamheather@hotmail.com. Real love always survives
Anthropomorphizing Love
By terry. A true story....and one that changed my perspective on all animals.
By Tanna. Haiku; I'm really not sure what this is, my fingers are just moving across the keys themselves right now (apologies if this really sucks)
By maria@net999.com.
Petroglyphs Rock
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
By Elizabeth Fontaine. Submitted by egrieco@ptd.net. A poem inspired from a trip to Amish Country, Pennsylvania.
We Drove to the Edge
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
Oh, Ophelia
By Misti Velvet Rainwater . Memories of me at fifteen in Midland, Texas.
Screaming in My Sleep
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
My First Nude
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
Setting the Stage
By terry. Some prose...the start of something that wants to grow bigger it seems.
Snow in the Desert
By terry. Blame it on the heat I guess. Snow in August? In the desert?
Stuff That Matters Most
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
A Trip To The Market
By terry. An unexpected kiss from an even more unexpected source...
No Closin' Time in Mexico
By Misti Velvet Rainwater. There is no way to describe utter nonsense.
I a Big Gurl Now!
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
Lonely But Happy.
By deevaa. I'm learning, as a single woman, you have to love who you are before you can be loved... I think.
When You Wish.....
By Linda Goodman. Submitted by Misti Velvet Rainwater. another poem from *GOOBERZ*
and beauty sleeps
By deevaa (deevaa@paradise.net.nz). the words aren't perfect... but there is a tale to tell...
wild fire abandon
By deevaa. just another Wednesday morning in deevaa's corner of the world...
Looking Up
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
Between Friendship and Romance
By The Frosted One. why is all I ask......
New Hope
By Patrick, email: xilinx_altera@yahoo.com. Intersection
The Dance of the Cinema
By Princess Leia. that feeling of being at the movies for the first time with someone to whom you are really attracted
By Jenna Holland (poetic_angel@gurlmail.com).
insignificant other
By just a friend. are we friends? more or less. more for me, less for him.
Good Friends
By Slug.
Comic Relief (Nonlinear Transcript #3)
By Misti Velvet Rainwater. Who needs Tom Green or Adam Sandler when there's a chica loca lyin' around.
I bite back words
By slug.
Love Found
Breathe Life
By Impatient. Where's my sleeping beauty? Inspired by Terryble (in a good way) Shakeperean Moments
Not a Zero Sum
By Michael (not a zero, wish I were a hero). For a new round digit friend. Good luck with the lady man. Remember - keep it sweet.
Mirrors Apart
By Princess Leia. a song about a long distance relationship that can't happen.... yet
A love that is true
By Caroline. A poem about how much I love him
Wearing white
By Michael (Flow). Submitted by share_the_love@hotmail.com. Dawn approaches. Wakie, wakie.
Green Sunday
By Misti Velvet Rainwater. Hangin' out in the orchard of the fruits of my labor. (ha)
By C.A. Elizabeth Zingone CALizzy225@aol.com. A somewhat quick poem about a special love
Love You Til the End
By The Pogues. Submitted by stormy. ...this sums things up
Flames of Love
By nicolas_t_beck@yahoo.com.
The Intersection
By nicolas_t_beck@yahoo.com.
Flying in my Dreams
By nicolas_t_beck@yahoo.de.
Your Eyes
By Dave Cias Nicron@aol.com. When you have pen, paper, and love at night
By Dave Cias Nicron@aol.com. Confessing love
Rainwater Lake
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
Waking up to Your Gaze
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
Finger Dance
By Michael (strum). Submitted by share_the_love@hotmail.com. My new love
Last Letter
By Misti Velvet Rainwater. Submitted by Christopher Lake. This is the last letter I received from Misti before we met...
I Thought
By Kelli Daughertyke2001@aol.com. I was sitting around and thinking how I could show my b/f how much I love him and I come up with this
Flowers of Love
By Elizabeth Fontaine . Submitted by egrieco@ptd.net. Nature is ceaselessly inspiring my poetry!
Clean Spot
By Chris W.. the beginning idea for a short story i think i might write...looking for feedback.
A Ring of Truth
By Misti Velvet Rainwater. Corrected version.
There Is Only You
By Johnny Indovina. Submitted by grymm@chickmail.com. A beautiful moving song by a band called Human Drama
Down, Baby, Down
By candyman.
By Tracy AceAngel07@Aol.Com. TRUE Love is 4ever, And Apromise is 4ever, don't promsie your love, unless you mean 4ever.
Whenever You Need My Love (It Is There)
By terry. Insecurity gives rise to a great many questions.
One In A Million
By Sam Dees performed by funk bassist extraordinaire Larry Graham. Submitted by Pleasantly Anonymous. Circa 1980, THE ultimate slow dance song! And come Monday my Angel will be back in my arms! YES!!
By Sappho. Submitted by Christopher Lake. To my Misti...
Love Left A Mark
By terry. Sometimes I feel like climbing a mountain.
For Julie Kate
By Misti Velvet Rainwater. A letter I'll never send.
Sonnet CXVI
By William Shakespeare. Submitted by Calypso. a sonnet that moves me
By Plutarch. Submitted by Calypso. ...another sonnet, this one by an Italian poet, Plutarch
Past Life Sex Therapy
By Dana Young. Submitted by d-lite dlite@earthlink.net. What a great way to spend a Monday night!
Can You Feel the Love Tonight
By Tim Rice. Submitted by Misti Velvet Rainwater. One of my favorite Elton John songs. Long live the Lion King.
All I Do
By Abe (aberesume@yahoo.com. Thoughts about my girl
Inspired Thought (April 24)
By Will healinghands15@yahoo.com. Inspired by my soulmate, Charlene
Inspired Thought (April 27)
By Will healinghands15@yahoo.com. Thinking of my Charlene
Daddy's Little Girl
By Michael L. J. Martin, e-mail: Michael.Martin@gems3.gov.bc.ca. My daughter learns, at18, that I am her true Dad and searches and finds me.
By ee cummings. Submitted by slug. a flirty peice by one of my favorite poets
Your Affection
By Abe. Her Affection and its affect on me
To Sum It All Up!
By Poetic Juice. A girl who is in love with a guy and wants to gently break it to him in asmooth manner.
Love is Silent
By Chandra Marsden, phluteloop@aol.com. Inspired after one of those nights...
Four Letter Learn
By Chandra Marsden, phluteloop@aol.com. poem turned song ... expressing hope for that of which I need most...
Mute Love
By Chandra, phluteloop@aol.com. Being in love but unable to express it for reasons that become a daily nag at your heart...
Sonnet in My Bonnet
By Edward Hightower. A sonnet inspired by the best writer who ever lived--William Shakespeare
Une Prière Matin (A Morning Prayer)
By Hank Christian. Submitted by Hank lovesdoormat@aol.com. Another day, Another thought
The Ring
By James E. Welch JWArtist@webtv.net. For Toni
What loving you is like
By The Frosted One. I wrote this on August the 17th, while I was thinking about that special someone in my life. You know who you are....your my shining star.
Will you.....
By The Frosted One.
Our CD
By Misti Velvet Rainwater .
Thank God and Elvis and Scooby Doo
By Misti Velvet Rainwater . This man is the best. No contest.
Summer Dream
By Pleasantly Anonymous. Sometimes you wish time could stand still.
You Never Say Whoa
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
Early Saturday Morning
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
When We Danced
By terry. Remember that first dance?
My First True Love
By Lori Chavez. Submitted by Lori Chavez labonita_4_2000@yahoo.com. A true love poem
Mermaids Cannot Cry
By Hank Christian. Submitted by Hank lovesdoormat@aol.com. Another bump for Gala and Dee...
I Do believe
By kas Adkins. Submitted by .
didn't you know?
By princess leia. wondering how you didn't catch my signals...
when i stopped liking you
By princess leia. that gradual awakening to love
all i need
By princess leia. my version of "hey, leonardo"
because i miss you
By princess leia. how i feel when i'm away, when i'm at home and the phone rings, or there's a knock at the door, or i hear a car pull up outside...
your love
By princess leia. back when i was trying to decide if i really loved him... how to tell him...
By Dawn.
On Seeing C. and S., Asleep
By Doug Wolf. Submitted by Jenna Holland (poetic_angel@gurlmail.com). He's STILL too chicken
A Chance
By Crystal.
Showed me Courage
By Zero #1. This is a poem, about another blendrite,,a good friend of mine,,who I can't stop crying over right now...I can't explain to you how I feel...so maybe this will explain it.....Thank you Michael, I never would have done it if it weren't for you.
By optimistic_pessimist85. not very good,..but spur of the moment...
By Pleasantly Anonymous. Missing my dear sweet darling beautiful Angel
Together Forever
By Rachael McVeigh, Squeaky7@hotmail.com. two lovers departing
Aslan Blues
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
Shakespeare Sharing Love
By terry. It does the job every time. Today more than ever.
Drip Drop
By Hank Christian. Submitted by Hank lovesdoormat@aol.com. She is so far away tonight. And my heart wants it to be different.
On being your woman
By slug.
No Map
By Debra654@aol.com. never been here before
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
I would do anything for love
By Meatloaf. Submitted by Jessie - golden01@star.net. I was just thinking about that song, and it seemed fitting for this site...
new love
By katie - kjoy151@aol.com`.
Broken Wings
By Forrest Adams (jhardylbg@hotmail.com). This is a poem that reflects the love I have for my girlfriend right now...she is so grand a person. Hope the blenderites like it. :-)
Words on pages
By Slug. about being trapped in the middle by a cowardly little boy
By Misti Velvet Rainwater. wordplay inspired by Chris's description of some dude named Bach.
By Tracy, AceAngel07@Aol.Com. Having mixed emotions about the someone, until you realize you truely love them.
By me. a word worse than "but"
Stood up?
By Archangel__7@yahoo.com. A wonderfully woven work in short-story format. For those of you who've been in left to wonder, you have got to see this!!
By Elizabeth Fontaine. Submitted by egrieco@ptd.net. for deevaa's painting from liz
By jill. Submitted by . realizing its over but still wondering if maybe . . .
Something Else
prime for the counting
By the guppy.
Midnight Chat
By Savannah Haze superedna@hotmail.com. Conversation with a sleeping lover
A night in your Texas
By ZoE. Brandon.........
broken stars
By Kiwi. a reflection on my stupidity over the past year.
Unheard Melodies
By Zero #1.
By Zero #1. Just some little rambling that I was thinking of as I was looking at who I really was and who i thought my friends were
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. not happy when I wrote this, but ok now...
diction (redux)
By kevin urenda. more thinking about words...
By kevin urenda. this was supposed to be submitted before 'diction', but I botched it... story of MY week...
My Love
By Kare Bare.
The World Goes by..
By Zero #1. I can't find the words to tell everyone how I feel right now,,mistrust,,hatred,,love,,deceived,,and yet simply unwhole. And the worst part is,,I can't figure out why?
By the guppy. disclaimer...bad day...bad word present...sensitive readers might melt or burst into flame...advise buying life insurance now
By Jessie - golden01@star.net. Here I am yet again....
By Jessie - Golden01@star.net. I reaslly hate being in the mood I am in right now, so I may as well try to write while I can.
think you should know
By stormy. hard to describe
Johnny, my love
By ZoE.
Turn The key
By ZoE. a long one with alot of emotion...
By Tanna.
Mango Mad
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60@aol.com. Three days ago, I bought a mango-------and tonight it was perfection...and very inspirational..............
Embrace the Sky
By Riggs.
By Kare Bare.
By lydia wilson turtletif33@hotmail.com.
despair, yet still hopeful
By lydia wilson turtletif33@hotmail.com. i really dont know, my brian is completely fried, so forgive me for this
By lydia wilson.
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. (null)
rather liquid
By the guppy.
River Where We Meet
By Toklas. poem and painting go together. http://home.talkcity.com/EaselSt/medusaccc/riverripple.htm
By jackryhme jackryhme@hotmail.com.
By jackryhme jackryhme@hotmail.com. what would u do for love?
By jackryhme jackryhme@hotmail.com. would u give away love?
By jackryhme jackryhme@hotmail.com . should love always come back?
By jackryhme jackryhme@hotmail.com. how do u behold ur love?
the thin line
By Riggs.
my Test
By mEg.
Velveteen Eve
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com. First work in weeks. Probably a little rusty. Didn't exactly finish out the idea. I should be writing a similar follow up.
By Toklas. writing poetry is akin to being a lover
warning labels
By lydia wilson. why not? there are labels on everything else
No Place That Far
By Sarah Evans. Submitted by Crystal. I love this song and somehow I cry evertime I hear it. This is exactly how I feel
My World Unknown
By C.A. Elizabeth Zingone -- CALissy225@aol.com. This was written a while ago, but it's still one of my favorites
Blues To Bliss
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial. Okay----it's stupid.........but we've all done it------so don't even try to be all superior.........
junior mints
By kiwi.
Best Friend
By Amy Griffing. About a best friend
By anonymous. Submitted by Starr. a new work from my love... careful... it's very hot... *impish grin*
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com. too good to be true wasn't it.
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
how far
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
undiscovered country
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com. chris w. a womans response.
case of you
By joni mitchell. Submitted by sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com. this is my favorite sang, i always come back to it
My words to Michelle
By .. Submitted by .
Promised Land
By Crystevin.
The Tank
By Starr. some stuff i wrote a while back...during a really un happy patch...
The Song
By Starr. some stuff i wrote a while back...during a really un happy patch...
By Starr. some stuff i wrote a while back...during a really un happy patch...
By Starr. some stuff i wrote a while back...during a really un happy patch...
By Starr. some stuff i wrote a while back...during a really un happy patch...
By Starr. some stuff i wrote a while back...during a really un happy patch...
Drawing Pen
By Starr. some stuff i wrote a while back...during a really un happy patch...
By Starr. some stuff i wrote a while back...during a really un happy patch...
By Starr. some stuff i wrote a while back...during a really un happy patch...
The Pool
By Starr. some stuff i wrote a while back...during a really un happy patch...
By Starr. this is what happened when that bad patch passed...*warm smile*
By Jessie - golden01@star.net. Yet another poem..
Edible Underwear
By Chris W. at Perby1@aol.com. i don't know...had the though...had to go with it. forgive me.
By Crystal crystalw@alaweb.com. His love was wonderful until he became scared of losing his freedom.
Hard Decisions
By Crystal crystalw@alaweb.com. I just found out , I have cancer, unsure of if it's spreading, I'm just thinking of the Love of my Life
The Perfect Kiss
By C.A. Elizabeth Zingone --- CALizzy225@aol.com. inspired by a friend asking me what I thought the perfect kiss would be like... here's my answer
By the guppy.
By Madison . [m.madison@usa.net]
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. found a creative spring...
If He Doesn't Come Back
By Tanna. Ok, you gotta understand this. My boyfriend is a Firefighter/Paramedic. About a week ago, a firefighter in a town closeby was killed during a blaze. Adam's tones just went off, he's out the door, and my heart's skipping beats. Unfortunately, the risk of him not coming home is very real and currently on my mind...
help please read
By stacey sm4greer@aol.com.
The Kiss
By Toklas. only one chance to write this one.
By the guppy.
By Kuoch Comex122@netscape.net.
By Kiwi. thunderstorms are sexy... and i miss him. *sheepish grin*
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
the key to speaking spanish
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
In This Life
By Collin Raye song by Mike Reid & Allen Shamblin. Submitted by Pleasantly Anonymous. Beautifully moving song attached to voice mail message sent to me by my one and only Angel! Yes, I miss her!
Delusional Dreamworld
By erin.
A Tree Worth of Tissues
By erin.
Somewhere in Time
By Zero #1. LOL I was off the net for almost a week, and i haven't been able to get someone off of my mind. I hope this helps.
By jackryhme jackryhme@hotmail.com. how i see u
old age dreams
By jackryhme jackryhme@hotmail.com. what memories would u keep?
What I Would've Done
By Crystal. My exboyfriend and I were talking today and I asked him..." Don't you ever just feel so alone, it doesn't even bother you does it? When he answered "yes, my whole entire life I've been alone.I guess it has something to do with the way you're brought up." Tears formed in my eyes!
Eyes don't lie
By Zero #1. Just some stuff i'm holding within myself, and a wonder and a qustion that will never get answered I guess
"just give me a call"
By Zero #1. I was thinking about all the different feelings inside of me that God just forgot to name. Maybe it's good that some emotions have no word. Anyways,I was reading an email from an "old friend of mine" and she put that in the letter. I got thinking about what she said, and this is what came out. Thank you _ _ _ _ _ _-bug (just fill in the blank you!) I'm just a little crazy right now! lol
By Zero #1. I was talking with a fellow co worker and this is what came from our discussion during our break.
Romance in the Rain
By MzGThang29@hotmail.com. Romance in the rain
Her Voice On The Line
By Mneumosenye. Ready to play the voice mail game......but it's not your voice at all........
By Kyrise .
pome for my wife
By Tooter Collins.
By the guppy.
the fringe of apathy
By the guppy. swearing and whatnot...me=issuing editorial public service announcement
By jackryhme@hotmail.com. has one ever seen the beauty as she danced?
By jackryhme jackryhme@hotmail.com. the youthfullness of pleasent love
Dance of the Shackled
By Riggs.
By jackryhme@hotmail.com. actually very curios if any one will read or has bothered or maybe this stuff i write really aint worth it heh heh good set for this poem sorry for second try k?
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
this is freedom
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
Love She Can't Live Without (Clint Black/Skip Ewing
By song by clint black. Submitted by swtliz@yahoo.com. Finding peace even if the heart hurts....
"How Do I Get There"!!
By Swtliz@yahoo,com. As the past is put to rest... My heart has been captured by a love no words could capitalize.........Always holding you close my dear!
By LilyBelle@yammy.com. As the night falls...... and the sun awakes.... your my thought...
writing in tongues
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. words are not wordplay...
dry eyes
By kevin urenda.
Born Free
By Linda Goodman. Submitted by Misti Velvet Rainwater. from *GOOBERZ*...a gift from Chris
A Miracle Arches
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
Aaron Goes To The Ball
By Gregory gstinson@home.com. A rhyming story....coming of age about coming to our senses
Water in the Barrens
By Toklas.
By Zero #1. It's a very long story. In fact,,it started almost 19 years ago, about two weeks from now. Sometimes, I think I'm going crazy, so if you do, I won't hold you accountable.
By Toklas. where do our verses go?
Cover up
By ZoE. ramble with some possibility
By ZoE. pattern of Johnny and other children, even though Johnny's a man now
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
The Beautiful Her
By Zero #1. The way I feel right now,,about my ex-girlfriend,,and the someone who is slowly making me fall in love with them.
lecture from a blank page
By the guppy.
for Theo my T.V. Cowboy
By ZoE. loving from afar
By Starr. a woman needs a man like...
By Starr. things just get under your skin sometimes...
Desert heat
By Starr. is it getting hot in here? };>
By Starr. just one sip...
Spine Shake
By ZoE. ramble as usual
By Starr. when dreaming...
Behind the wheel
By Starr. i was driving and thought of him...
By Starr. between heaven and hell...
By jackryhme@hotmail.com. i tried for a bit of timlessness
the dig
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. read something today that made me think of this...
By Chris W. at Perby1@aol.com. another kinda erotic piece. going with an image. tried to submit it once, but i think i messed up...so here's the second attempt.
Strong Eyes
By Kare Bare. this came to me while thinking of the one and only in my life. Hoping that all you have your one and only's!!
Song of Thanks
By Heather dreamheather@hotmail.com. a special thanks to the man that taught me the value of creating through an art form for only yourself. Any art form is creating your dream.
Too Soon For Tucson
By Misti Velvet Rainwater and Christopher David Lake. a collaborative effort
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
barent sea
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
open palm
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
mothers milk
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
Thrill Of The Chase
By ZoE. I am in love (i think) but wow, if love makes me this psycho......
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
By jackryhme@hotmail.com. from one who loves
Advice for Geraldine on Her Miscellaneous Birthday
By Bob Dylan. Submitted by the guppy. about nearly everything
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
Ways For A Man To Be Strong
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60@aol.com. We take much for granted......but even warriors have hearts........
moment of truth
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com. ok this is my life currently in a nutshell, its a ramble beware!!!!!!! but i think alot of you could probably relate to this story
Dancing in the Rain
By Zero #1. A thought
Rock Candy For The Heart
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Sometimes sweet can be hard......on the heart or the teeth.
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60@aol.com. if you gotta ask, you've never been there...........
red toenails and lemonade
By Kiwi.
By Chris Wharton. excessively romantic
If I Died.......
By KJ Untold.
By KJ Untold.
"Please no more!"
By SwtLiz@yahoo.com. My heart is dieing
Hobo Lament
By Charles Manson. Submitted by Eric, thenuttman@aol.com. I guess he wrote it, I think it was on an album he released...Napster these days, you never know :-) I don't even know if i got all the words right, I was just writing listening...I love it...i recommend downloading it.
Speak To Me
By Shadygirl fading_shade@hotmail.com. wishing he'd open up...
By jackryhme@hotmail.com. this is a differnt form of love but yet i think it fits sorry for ur waste of time if u feel it dosent
By me. the difference between tears and glass
By the guppy.
Truth To God
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60@aol.com. When words assume a tone far beyond a promise, that ring in the soul....
By Dawn. Haiku de jour
By jackryhme@hotmail.com. what brings about ur joy?
By Starr. japanese fish are so inspiring...
By Starr. ooops! i submitted this as 'fighting'...it's not...;)
By Starr. desert safaris are too fun...
By Starr. sipping ain't good enough...
By Starr. driving is on;y a distraction...
By Starr. purgatory is real...
By Starr. purgatory is real...
By Starr. see through this...
By Starr. when i woke up...
By Starr. a book of reality...
Broken Everything
By KJ Untold.
Lady in Waiting
By Riggs.
Nothing ever changes
By Michael (PC Load Letter?!?). Submitted by share_the_love@hotmail.com. Inspired by a song I can't find.
With You
By Zero #1. A tone of jealousy
In Your Absence
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Time is not static...........
I Will Always Love You
By Kare Bare . I love this song!! It says a lot!
lovers dance
By jackryhme@hotmail.com. something nice
By Dawn.
Total Eclipse of the Heart
By Bonnie Tyler et. al.. Submitted by terry. Sometimes all we really do need to do is turn around and look in those eyes.
Plastic Princess
By Riggs.
The Love of a Friend
By Sir Thomas Browne. Submitted by terry. Definition of true friendship...
Life and Love
By Kare Bare.
By Susannah.
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. i'm just not accustomed to this sort of thing...........
Bury Me
By Smashing Pumpkins - Billy Corgan. Submitted by Michael (out of gas). I think Gish is the best Smashing pumpkins album.
Fishing for Metaphors
By Toklas.
You Are Why I Drink
By Abe. Drinking to drown love's sorrows (Contains explicit language)
Lover By Lightning
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Not to be a copycat, but the lightning was amazing last night......
What a Tease
By Jenna Holland (poetic_angel@gurlmail.com).
Don't go
By Michael (walk away). Submitted by share_the_love@hotmail.com. Five important people are leaving soon/have left my life. I feel like a country song. Summer is ending.
Too Good Fo' the Hood
By Guitar Maestro. I recommend this piece being played on a classical guitar with only the finest d'addario nylon strings. The music should be reminscent of late Bartok with a touch of Schoenbergian overtones.
Starting Over
By Kare Bare.
before poetry
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. memories... some are indescribable...
By kevin urenda. one plus one equals more than together
By kevin urenda. Gala planted the seed of the idea for this one in her poem...
By sarah. Submitted by iristakeroot@excite.com. mortality
By jackryhme.
By jackryhme.
Advice To The Next Wife
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. I can almost guess what will be said..............
In the Past
By Zero #1. The story of my latest thoughts. Putting things where they belong,, in the past
What my heart wants to hear
By Zero #1. Some raw feelings that I feel coming out from deep inside. Maybe I'm just a little weird...I dont know.
being the guppy
By the guppy. passion
Extra piece
By Michael (yeah). Submitted by share_the_love@hotmail.com. Missing.
By the guppy. harsh wording at times...
The Eyes of Texas
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
lovers moon
By doesn't matter does it?. Submitted by .
The Pen or the Sword?
By Zero #1. What I was pondering from a letter earlier in the year about how the writings of another could strike as deep as any blow. Yet I begged to differ, because the body is the souls form and each hold each other dear..withouth the other..living as we know it,,is not possible..and loving as we know it,is not possible either.
By Zero#1. A little ponderance of how special living is.
the rest of the letter
By Madison. [aka_madison@hotmail.com]
The One You Didn't Ask
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Crazy people love in their own fashion......
Come Dance In My Garden, Love
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Love is far more than a rose...........
Love has no Pride
By not so sure..... Submitted by deevaa. As requested by Gala.... said this one was by Bonnie Rait
Missing You
By Hana cool_lashes311@tcsn.net. written for Tim. avery dear friend who lives in England
Who Am I?
By C.L. Hollinghead. I was reading Elizabeth Barrett Browning 's 'How Do I Love Thee' and wanted to create a piece with the same, so famous style she used. I hope she wouldn't be to dissapointed.
3:17 AM EST Head and Heart Over Heels
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Okay..........I should be sleeping---------but how?
between song adlib
By Jeff Buckley. Submitted by Jonny Rotten. a piss funny thing he did before performing "grace" in chicago it went something like this
Better Things
By Kare Bare.
Packin' Up
By ZoE.
Letting Go
By ZoE. just a thought....
Down Off This Down
By ZoE. something I wrote on the train to Orlando
By dosent realy matter does it?.
By savannah haze. i shouldn't be allowed to speak when i drink wine
By Bernie Taupin and Elton John. Submitted by savannah haze. hadn't heard this song in a long time until Fuel did a cover. make sure to look it up.
Parted Hearts
By deevaa. a starting place for the 'BUMP' .... I've asked guppy to write for this painting, and I'm now offically asking all who dare...
A Heart Apart
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Ever wonder why sailors fell in love with mermaids? (a bump for Dee)
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. A different spin on the sleep cycle.............
my heart
By it doesn't really matter does it?.
Proposition 1
By Doug Wolf. Submitted by Jenna Holland (poetic_angel@gurlmail.com). Friend of mine... he was too *chicken* to submit it, so I did
By slug. i'm still looking - because i haven't found what i want yet
I Should Be Thanking You
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Sometimes hope needs to just crawl away and die.....
You Crush Me
By Ashley Skye. A letter to someone that I'll never send because he doesn't even deserve it
fieldtrip to dark part II
By the guppy.
By ZoE. erotic????
For my childish love
By ZoE. a little uncensored...okay very uncensored and strangely sexual
4 AM Re-runs
By ZoE.
A Boys Dream
By Bill. Submitted by .
once upon a second
By sarah iristakeroot@juno.com. okay, don't even ask what i was thinking!!! i guess that whole reality thing, but oh well, i think this is rather realistic, in diff. terms.
There Are No Fairy Tales
By Romeo Montague. If love did not challenge us, would it really be worth doing?
a fine pilsner
By the guppy.
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60@aol.com. Ever have that moment---when the heart and brain catch up with each other?
of you
By still dosent matter.
Life as Second Fiddle
Bitter Chocolate
By DarkFury. ANGST. Don't read this if you're happy. And don't read this if you want PG language.... Revisiting a bad memory.
the mating habits of snakes
By slug. because i'm not her - even though he says it doesn't matter
Its New to You!
By Peter Pless. Submitted by tooter collins. a song that I like and my wife likes, too because it good
Halloween Mask
By Buster J. Tidwell.
Stepping Stone
By Debra6545@aol.com. I let it happen
Love Lost
Missing You
By Crystal crystalw@alaweb.com.
By crystalw@alaweb.com. I'm not mental...I just know the exact moment I will know for certain it is completely over...because through all the breakups....this has never happened before! over,
Grace Is Gone
By Dave J. Matthews. Submitted by Ashley Skye. This is one of his brand new songs I heard him play at both concerts I saw this summer. I thought the lyrics were so true to the way we handle love and lost love, this song blew me away.
missing you
By The Frosted One. it explains it in the title "I miss you"
Dear ___________
By Jai. Submitted by Jai , dejai80@onebox.com. A prose piece, comments would be helpful, SO PULEASE comment :)
Life Without You
By Crystal crystalw@alaweb.com.
By C.L. Hollinghead. This poem is about this guy who was in love with this girl but was to afraid to aproach her with it because he was afraid she didn't feel the same way, but later found out that she did after it was to late.
I'm Sorry....
By Jillian jill_angel_143@yahoo.com. He's not in love with me...
By optimistic_pessimist85. it's a possibility that my mom could be dying...this was for her..
April 9
By Dave Cias Nicron@aol.com. When you lose your illusions
not me
By Brenda.
By jackryhme jackryhme@hotmail.com. dealing with a loss
No more
By Michael (a little down). She's no more.
By Romeo Blue ablueromeo@go.com. just a missive
By C.L. Hollinghead. A little different from my previous, everythings grand, work. I just hope it never happens to me.
No Exit
By P. McBride - Aug 13, 2000. A poem written less than 24 hours after the end of a 4 year relationship (to her)
topsy turvy
By A Secret for Now. I don't want to tell you this, but eventually I know I'll have to. It's been magical. It's over.
I'll have a martini please
By Dawn.
A long time
By Cliche. Submitted by .
Idiot Wind
By Bob Dylan. Submitted by the guppy. ...master of words...
I've been loving you too long
By Otis Redding. Submitted by Brad K.. A tribute to the memories of Caroline
These arms of mine
By Otis Redding. Submitted by Brad K.. A tribute to my memories of Caroline
I've got Dreams to remember
By Otis Redding. Submitted by Brad K.. The way I still feel about Caroline
By Suniti Chandra Mishra. Submitted by sunit61@yahoo.com. From India. Aged 38, Male. Writes articles and love poems. Has written over 100 poems in English and 5 times more in Hindi.
It's Never Lost
By Misti Velvet Rainwater .
By Tanna. A little prose, a little rambling, if you will; for gramps: I love you, for grams: I miss you Awesome
What happened to this Fairytale
By Susannah.
By Susannah....feel free to comment Note: Also read "What Happened to this Fairytale".
Unknown Love
By Michael Arnold mike_aeh@yahoo.com.
Playing Your Fool
By Abe. Read this and you will know why I am a fool
By Archangel__7@yahoo.com. A moving metaphorical work of prose, will touch those who have ever felt like they're too heartbroken to ever recover from a past relationship...
winter harvest
By the guppy.
Two Dollars in the JukeBox
By Eddie Money. Submitted by terry. Here ya' go Misti.........
By MILLIE PENDLETON. Submitted by WSHTWOBE@AOL.COM. I have never felt desperation like this until I was faced with losing my soul mate
Turning it Under
By Jack Black. Submitted by .
By Crystal.
By the guppy. eh...going off of dee...
She Swims Alone
By terry. My attempt to add to the bump started by Gala, for Dee's picture.
Moving On
By Crystal.
I wished for you
By slug.
So it began
By slug.
By slug. oh yeah...i ganked a line from the greatness of the Old 97s...may they forgive me for borrowing their talent :-)
also untitled
By slug. playing with form and trying to make sense...if it goes the way of cummings or one of the great beats but falls short of anything worthy of transmission, please tell me. i'd hate to openly suck.
Live for Today
1,2,3 shots, you're out!
By Nikki. same party...too bad boldness is not a welcome trait in women... :(
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. Too afraid of tomorrow
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com. interesting evening last night. perhaps you'll hear more later
Maybe she does
By Michael (A dancin' foo'). Submitted by share_the_love@hotmail.com. Get your bootie on the floor tonight
Midnight Swim
By Dawn.
I Feel...
By RGWD. Submitted by Robogail@aol.com. Feel as deeply as you are able...
That Ol' Wind
By Leigh Reynolds & Garth Brooks. Submitted by Misti Velvet Rainwater.
By Elizabeth Fontaine. Submitted by egrieco@ptd.net. My view of life through poetry!
For Gil
By Erin.
By Hank Christian. Submitted by Hank lovesdoormat@aol.com. Thought of the Day
Sleep through the night
By Sarah, SarahSeHee@CS.com.
By Calypso. ...a campanile is a belfry...
By savannah haze. needing to get things out.
Other Factors Interfere
Star Riders
By Dan Toural / renegade40. Never say never
Flight in motion
By Loving-X. Floating slowing over what I wish was
By Fiona. Submitted by Fiona21@uk.dreamcast.com. Holding on
blood lust
By juniper. just saw "natural born killers"
By Michael (oceans). Submitted by share_the_love@hotmail.com. I'm not a dolphin.
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
Don't Take This the Wrong Way, But...
By Misti Velvet Rainwater.
there is a woman
By christopher lake. for misti
Every Stranger's Eyes
By Roger Waters. Submitted by Gregory. An old fave of mine......perhaps will strike a chord with some of you
To Have without Holding
By ???. Submitted by . really suits my relationship with a married man
Save Your Wave
By Misti Velvet Rainwater. Alright, Miss Dee. You asked for it.
By Michael (wish I was a wolverine). Submitted by share_the_love@hotmail.com. Why I'm down lately..
Thank You God!
By Crystal crystalw@alaweb.com.
By Patrick. Submitted by xilinx_altera@yahoo.com . Disclaimer: command of the English dictionary was not intended, I wrote as I felt without premeditating flow.
Admiring From Afar
By Chris W. at Perby1@aol.com. this is just a beginning, but i thought i'd submit it to see if anyone had feedback.
By Maria Concepcion. Submitted by horses2butterflies@yahoo.com. This is about a poem for a certain guy whom i've been loving. His name is Md. Haidil. I just want him to know that i really love him and wishing that i'm with him this very minute.
Slipping into dreamtime
By deevaa (deevaa@paradise.net.nz). warning.... nudity and other asorted nasties
Split Apart
By Katy Paulson.......katyp@anglefire.com. My love and I were split apart - what more is there?
Love On The Net
By Kuoch Comex122@netscape.net.
By Kuoch Comex122@netscape.net.
Don't have one..
By Mike Kane, MaxVeer@aol.com. This is me attempting to tell me feelings to a girl that has taken my heart. This is quite obviouse once you read it. I know my way with words isn't that great..but I wrote this..not sure if I should give it to her or not. Comments or suggestions are welcomed.

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