Heart-on-Sleeve Corner

Really, Really happy
Swan Song
By Paul B. reality check
By hermit69(oceanstone@apexmail.com). WARNING!! A BIT EXPLICIT!!
By Dawn. Submitted by . Woke up smiling this morning
Galaxy Spirals
By Hank Christian. Submitted by Hank lovesdoormat@aol.com. They say the universe is constantly expanding....Now I know why.
Games After Dusk
By Coda. A wink in the direction of my adorable princess
The Perfect Martini
By Dawn. Submitted by dawnc@netsync.net. The perfect ending to a hectic week
By Dave Matthews Band. Submitted by Coda. This is a song by my favorite band that always makes me think of my princess (except the smoking part :-) It just espresses a lot of what I feel, and when put to music, the feeling is exaserbated 100 fold. I especially like the lines "Am I right side up or upside down, is this real or am I dreaming" No lyric has ever summed up my true feelings like those lines... *sigh*
To Brandon
By Kelly Hunnie_pie69@hotmail.com. My Pledge to my fiance
A Metaphor
Heart Mosaic
By terry. You can have rainbows without rain in the desert.
Playing Games
By Nikki. a somewhat cynical piece on my own flirtations....
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. Love got weird on me a second there...Kewwllll
I call you Love..
By shimmergloom. love as the many things of creation...
The Squirrel
By Coda. Love is a squirrel tromping through an evergreen.. an observation made outside my window
No Need
By optimistic_pessimist85@yahoo.com. A few questions,..nothing else...
Lady of Shadows
By terry. Deevaa inspired me to start drawing again. Something that was a childhood love. A close friend convinced me that I should try again, and this is my third work, and I find myself devoting my spare time to this instead of writing...
By optimistic_pessimist85@yahoo.com. agree, or disagree...
Fruit Flies
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com. Short and crazy...just like me!
Unlike the vampire
By Kat seasoul2@yahoo.com. Life is full of surprises
Wishful Thinking
By Jenna Holland (poetic_angel@gurlmail.com).
By Maria (maria@net999.com). the beauty of death
Making Waves
By Freddy forlorn.unicorn@paradise.net.nz. An image I woke up with today
It's Never Simple
Valentines day card
By chimbu. Submitted by chimbu, chimbu@india.com. my first story
Broken heart
By Kate. Submitted by Kate girl3@mail.com. hard to forget first love
Inside My Skin
By Jennifer Heady snowchild@rocketmailcom. a tortured love
The Actor
By Lydia Wilson turtletif33@hotmail.com. He was an actor, and he was good at it
It's All Our Fault (but that's no sin)
By terry. Something I reworked some to cut it in half.
promise me you won't
By christopher lake. i need her more than she knows
The Heart Says Hush
By terry. When you mind says no but your heart says oh gosh yea...(somebody stop me I am rhymning again!)
By msj. a relationship that has ranged far and wide
By jill (jills@wam.umd.edu).
By laurel ahlfeld. a previous relationship that I too often took advantage of, and then got a taste of my own medicine. I'm sorry(and you know who you are).
By Crystevin.
How Much
By Angel tiggerangel@hotmail.com. This is to my boyfriend Will who I love alot!!
halos on a pitchfork
By the guppy.
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. Same Girl, Same Situation, Same Sick Feeling Inside...
By Zero #1. Sometimes, this is what it feels like
Some Become Strangers
By Stevie Nicks. Submitted by AsIfNamesMattered. I couldn't resist.
By DannyG dannygene@yahoo.com. a love that can never be...
A Simple Phrase
By The Frosted One. To You, You Know Who You Are........ The Powers of Observation
Demeter's Daughter
By Unknown. Submitted by Echolocation. Heard this at a Renaissance Festival, sung a capella by a lovely group of ladies called the Bawdy Balladeers -- wish I could include the tune. Gala's Persephone piece brought it to mind.
Drunk on a Wine I Have Never Tasted
By L. Penny pvec@yahoo.com.
Slow Dancing
By U2. Submitted by maria@net999.com. this is a great song!
Not to be a Redneck
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. I've made a very terrible mistake...d'oh
'I Will Survive!'
"Him Anonymous"
By Megs.
Teenage Nightmare
By Paul B. Remember those school days, fool days
Sounds Familiar
By Jenna Holland (poetic_angel@gurlmail.com).
THe TImes that Try Woman's Souls
By Quilcene. Submitted by crazycreek54@hotmail.com. This poem is about the sadness and the silliness of being overwrought
Exerpts from my life.
By optimistic_pessimist85@yahoo.com. Just an experience that i needed to share...
By The Frosted One.
baby got back
By Joanna . this poem is soooooooo cool!
I Love you Baby
By Zero #1. I wrote this as a song,,the person who this is intended to doesn't know that this is for them...cuz they didn't know I ever wrote a song about them. It means a lot to me,,and explains the love that's been hidden in me sooo oooo ooo long..and to you.."I love you Baby."
Just Plain Admiring
Could I Write
By Rose. Romance needs to have a reality to be fully experienced
Scrabble By Moonlight
By Claire Brown Bower. Submitted by Author. A-N-T-I-C-I-P-A-T-I-O-N
By Matt, matt_man3@hotmail.com. Laying down with her I noticed everything
what i want
By terry. diabetics beware....pure dripping, saccharin, even for me...
By Nikki. inspired by an e-mail at work today...something about me being desperate...:)
Near You
By Leela leels39@hotmail.com.
raindrop kisses
By the guppy.
Beauty Over Nature
By Andrew Bollands. Submitted by ABolla_99@Yahoo.com. About a woman who goes beyond the boundries of beauty.
The Times
By Jenna Holland (poetic_angel@gurlmail.com). Found in my notebook, I cant remember if I even finished it or not
A Moment of Shakespeare
By terry. Remember that first kiss? Not necessarily the very first, but the first one with someone really, really special? My apologies to the Blender's Elven Queen for borrowing her style.
She Runs Away
By Duncan Shiek. Submitted by AdamJ. I absolutely love this song, and it fits her to a tee
Still Life
By terry.
A Longing
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com. a longing for the rawness...the simplicity of new love...with a touch of a desire to be free from modern female bondage
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com.
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com.
Time Warp
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com.
walk of shame/bensonhurst morning
By jill (jills@wam.umd.edu). it wasn't that bad at all, and it gave me new perspective
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com. ...snapshot of a heated moment:)
We the Few Are One
By terry. Laurel's work brought back some very good memories and I thank her for that.
Word whispers on stone
By deevaa. Submitted by . a story I was telling Chris W
inspired by the moon
By Chris W. Submitted by deevaa. Long story short, Chris wrote this for a different painting, and it inspired something new.... not my best work, so be gentle!
The Dancer
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com.
By Cliff Switzer (cliff_switzer@hotmail.com). Young Love in Reflection
A Rainbow With No End
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com. ...attempting to describe something too beautiful to describe
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com.
Love Softens The Edges
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com.
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com.
Love Taking Away Freedom
Let me be
By nikki. the sun came out, and brought me this
Less of Me
By Megs. Ridiculous really...
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. let me have some fun
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. This is a Song I made. I've listed the Words&Tablature for it, so you can play it if you want :-)
The Heart
By Jon W.Gross barnum@comelinkusa.net.
Between Friendship and Romance
The Secret
By Rose. A fun little tease with love at it's center
Miss you tonight
By matt (matt_man3@hotmail.com. unfinished little piece about being in love with a girl who is with your friend but you know you want each other.
By Alan19, crash19@goplay.com.
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. Who knew a friend would be the one to break my hate for love? Not me!
Lonely But Happy.
Not title
By Kate. Submitted by girl3@mail.com.
By Coda. *sigh*
By Enigma. A True Love Letter
By Amber Davis, amberdavis60@hotmail.com.
This Wall
By Coda. Staring blankly at a wall
The Heart
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com. I gave my heart to someone. He never gave it back.
By laurel ahlfeld. girlish fun
A Candle and Me
By Dawn. Submitted by Author. Missing him
Words Never Spoken
By Birdie - Birdiehdz@yahoo.com.
Another One
By optimistic_pessimist85@yahoo.com. filling in life's blanks....
No Set or Dawn
By optimistic_pessimist85@yahoo.com. too much to think on before sleep...lay off the caffeine...
By Dawn. Submitted by .
Faded Tears
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com.
By Freddy forlorn.unicorn@paradise.net.nz. Just a snippet.. pretty bad I guess
Love Found
His Understanding
By kacey kacey310@yahoo.com. telling a person who loves you that they don't understand you hurts them
Soul Shaping
By Hank Christian. Submitted by Hank lovesdoormat@aol.com. Love is a force of nature in its own right.
By J.S.. A soft little love poem. Not my best, but I like it enough to share.
Union of Souls
By Rose. Love at first sight
3 glass walls and a coffee cup.
By deevaa. the image hasn't changed since I was in my teens....
intimacy comes
By christopher lake. i love you, misti...and we're gonna make it, baby darlin'
By hermit (hermit69@anti-social.com). when your new love accepts your past mistakes in love..
Beyond Reason Redux
By HMS ( no longer AWOL). Great love = mediocre poetry. Ask me if I care! (title refers to my depressing prose piece of May)
Exigence Quotidienne
By Hank Christian. Submitted by Hank lovesdoormat@aol.com. Sorry about the french folks, I am rusty. But I am experimenting with the meanings of words.
Embrassant La Flamme (Kissing the Flame)
By Hank Christian. Submitted by Hank lovesdoormat@aol.com. The title was written by a friend, and I got this image in my head.
By Dallasgirl. yet another sappy blah blah blah....
By Emily Saliers (of the group "Indigo Girls"). Submitted by HMS. A beautiful, sad song about love lost-- but this excerpt is also a powerful description of love found.
By Lydia Wilson.
Crimson Flows
By terry. Maybe I just need to read an Anne Rice novel....or better yet, Poppy Brite.
By Laura - lshipley@freewweb.com. A woman explains her pet-name for her lover
By Mellissa. Submitted by Zeika@yahoo.com. How someone can make you want to love again.
What I've Missed
By C.L. Hollinghead. I wrote this one after finding out how much I loved this woman.
The Embrace
By C.L. Hollinghead. It's a dream I have where me and this certain person just stand in millions of red blooms, just holding each other in our arms.
All Spice
By Megs. A take on the many "flavors" of my heart....
The Forgotten Key
By Dawn. Submitted by dawnc@netsync.net. Keep looking for that soulmate, no matter how many tries it takes...
Main Street
By Bogie. Submitted by Sa396@aol.com. A first realization of love
The Dance
By Dawn. Submitted by dawnc@netync.net. Haiku for lovers
By James Welch JWArtist@webtv.net. About Love
you should know that
By christopher lake.
Kisses on a Guitar String
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. It just started with a song
Dew Drops
By C.L. Hollinghead. Love....Like dew drops it's a continuing cycle and makes you do anything(go anywhere)just to be with your love.
So much
By Impatient. I can't comment individually. If you post, this is for you.
so what?
By sinneD. another something from last year...
i'm not ready for this
By sinneD. still another something from last year...
Body Heat
By Jenna Holland (poetic_angel@gurlmail.com). Ever see the billboard?
Ignorance is Bliss
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. Possibilities taunting a worker's mind
Knowing Love
By tara.
The Springtime of Love
By jlorenz@saber.net. Words upon seeing a nice bouquet
Accent on Love
By Paul B. Just one thing that turns me on to her
Then I smile...
By shimmergloom. ...what lies beneath my smile....
I once belonged to love...
By shimmergloom. ...thoughts for a special someone...
My Prayer to You
By Chrystal Jasper. Submitted by Chrystal / sherrye@mindspring.com.
Lips of color
By Dawn. Submitted by Author.
Casting My Heart at Night
By terry. I have written very little this month because of various other pursuits and obligations. But this was on my mind today and refused to disappear. So I wrote it down...
Angel In My Life
By Jon W.Gross barnum@comlinkusa.net.
Shielded Hearts
By Rose. Amidst the flurry and fury of human interaction love is found
I Knew
By Jeni (Fantmn1597@aol.com). a tribute to the one person who made me feel. really for the first time in my life...understand love and the tremendous depths of posibilities. thank you for letting me be me and for teaching me something no other was able to. i cherish every memory. thank you Jason...for making it wonderful.
Awakening the Senses
By Paul B. some things you never tire of
By MILI mili_vanili@hotmail.com. why life sucks?!
In Their Eyes
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com.
By chimbu. Submitted by chimbu, chimbu@india.com. A poem i wrote
I Remember
By Kate. Submitted by Kate girl3@mail.com. confused love
By Megs. ...just a thought
By Megs.
Lonely Quiet Thoughts
By Megs. ...low grade depression on my end. To many "meaningless" nights for substance...
staring into my morning coffee
By deevaa. and whats really odd is he doesn't drink coffee
Blowing kisses at the moon
By Dallasgirl. a lover's prayer
Lost In Cowboy Blue
By Hank Christian. Submitted by Hank lovesdoormat@aol.com. Something different. I heard a song about truck drivers that was pure county crap. But the guitar melody was haunting, so at the last campfire I added my own words. (Probably just different crap : ) Imagine a campfire, full moon, and an open face steel string guitar.
By Megs. playing around with ideas...nothing to pay attention to muchly.
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. A young Pathetic Cowering Fool, who can't just give her the note.
Tormenting sweet dreams
By Katie - KJOY151@aol.com. I can't get him out of my head. It's pathetic
Sensory Recall
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com.
Happy Tears
By Amy. This is want someone wants when they have been hurt
I cry
By tupac. Submitted by Da Icechild Tscaredat@aol.com. he's a great man that didn't have to die but his words were nice he had a gift like me and i just want to share it (1-love)
Blinding Beer Goggles
By rebecca stonecloud.
By sue: reznorpup@nine-inch-nails.zzn.com. lies of you
Caressed by the wind
By deevaa. my latest painting... name gifted by Chris W
Running out of Time
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. Life ticking on by...
Third Wheel
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. it's sloppy.....I am too angry to care
The Princess
By Coda. A longing from afar, from a different perspective that I have imagined, or rather hoped for, I wish I could only be her prince
Friday Night in Wellington
By Freddy forlorn.unicorn@paradise.net.nz. wrote this a couple of months ago...
I Meant Forever
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com.
Without the Strength
By Ashley Skye.
By Crystevin.
Daydream of a Foolish Heart
By Hank Christian. Submitted by Hank lovesdoormat@aol.com. Some days I just don't get anything done at all.
Something Else
By kevin urenda@flash.net. seems that I unearthed a couple final poems from right after the road trip...
not listening
By kevin urenda.
By Nadene . Submitted by Nikki (precious_lana@hotmail.com). my sister wrote this...and gave me permission to submit it
Spirit Soul Wandering
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Sometimes love makes the skin one size too small.....
The Grave Yard
By Chris. Submitted by CwByKnight . not really sure ~chuckles softly ~
By Nikki. late night musings that make no sense
Never sleep...Never dream(strong language)
By CwByKnight . the name says it all
Coming Into My Own
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. When you wake with the birds, and know that something has changed while you slept...
By Kate . Submitted by Kate girl3@mail.com. warning for my love
A song for Chris
By Wanda. Submitted by CwByKnight. it was a song she did for Me in 1998
What is Love?
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com. a thought without a typo..lol
Caress My Sullen Heart
By Chris W. at Perby1@aol.com. a pitiful piece on loneliness
You're The One
By terry. thinking of you so far away...
A Trip Through
By smoldering. Submitted by .
Ever lasting Soul
By Jebesibe. Submitted by Loving-X. To be again with my one true soul
By ZoE.
By Nikki. I don't know anymore
the wrong way
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. putting together the collection from the road, I noticed I overlooked one... More prose than poesy...
the road
By kevin urenda. a road poem (not from the road, but more inspired by a Cowboy Junkies lyric)
By Chris W. at Perby1@aol.com. zen-ified romance....philosophical poetry i guess.
Pickle Jar
By ZoE. I am a total hypocrite
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com. just a little piece that came to mind after a talk with a friend who was having trouble with her boyfriends' fear of committal
The Traveler
By Nikki. not really romantic, more of an introspective look at myself..some of you may have seen this on my page...(kind of long...)
Desired Again
By KtG. ... putting the broken heart to one side and getting on with it all...
From The Inside Out (My Painted Egg Shell)
By KtG Miloko007@hotmail.com. .. because in the end I know what's really important, even if he still doesn't... *sigh*
Named Gloria
By Eric, thenuttman@aol.com. I'm not sure..something different...again meant to be sung, more upbeatish, i can't explain it...if you don't like it....i'm sorry :-)
Lady Of the Wounded Heart
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Smaltz.....pure and simple.............
Pit a' Pat
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com. silliness
The Pretender
By Claire Brown Bower. Submitted by Author. An evanescent glimpse beneath the mask.
Roman Candles
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Thwump....flash....Thwump....flash....Thwump....
Hot Rain
By Lydia Wilson turtletif33@hotmail.com. a night of simple fun
You Pull away
By ZoE.
By deevaa. not sure what this is
Dancing On the Starlight
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial. When A lady asks a man to dance, her heart is always involved....
The Meaning of Sex
By Riggs. where the hell this came from i do not know. Very disjointed
non compus mentus
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. okay---my latin is beyond rusty...but the thought's there...love is such sweet insanity at times...
By Kiwi.
Happily Ever Afters
By Nikki. it doesn't flow smoothly, but not all roads do.
casting lots
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. having that there SPF 100 writer's block...
moving on
By lydia wilson turtletif33@hotmail.com. well i dont like this at all, i just needed to blow some steam- i didnt even look over it when i finished, so sorry ahead of time
Flight or Fancy
By Crystevin.
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com.
Scales of Justice
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com.
By sinneD (sinned@digitelone.com).
a jungle on my own
By sinneD.
for you
By sinneD.
By Zero #1. Something I've discovered about feelings and worries
Guilty of a Thousand Sins
By Zero #1 (soul_shine_k@hotmail.com).
Skinned Knees of the Heart
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Not only did we all skin our knees---but we picked the scabs as well...some things don't change...
The Country Fair
By Nikki. not really a romantic piece...but filled with feeling just the same
By Trintiy williamz. Submitted by Vanessa jones Destiny_gyrl_99@yahoo.com. Being tricked by someone who u love
a little love
By sinneD.
By sinneD.
Sleepless Again...
By Nikki. just a stray thought
By kevin urenda, kluless70@hotmail.com. guess I have been waxing epigrammatic rather than poetic...
By kevin urenda. this is a little more poetic... I actually happen to like foreign cinema...
By kevin urenda. I tried to write a poem...
Wrapped Up
By ZoE. a haiku
Palms like flores
By ZoE. a poem I wrote when my daughter was 2. I was very depressed, 17 years old, a time when I should have been having fun.
Buried Love
By C.L. Hollinghead. This is about this girl that I'm in love with but I'm so ashamed that I can't tell her how I really feel about her and I feel like I've sinned because I prayed to God that I would have a chance to tell her and he threw so many chances at me though I never used them.
By Violet Tendancies. Submitted by . Psycho.
Just One Time
By Eric, thenuttman@aol.com. I don't want to explain this...just take from it what you will.
Family Pal
By Chris W. at Perby1@aol.com. An incredible moment.
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
fantasy: yellow plaster walls
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
black leather
By sarah iristakeroot.@powerlynk.com.
Marriage Knots
By The Best Mom in the Universe. Submitted by MommasBoy. A story by my mom, I got in email last week. My Mom rules. My Mom is not Kim Wu, but she is English Second Language. She doesn't love you all, but I do.
Larger Than Life
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. the old cliche...bigger than the both of us.................
By Claire Carney Merced4@yahoo.com. This is a lament of love lost or maybe a possibility of getting back together
Water is as water does.
By Chris W. at Perby1@aol.com. another buddhistic piece on love.
The Spirit of Me
By Zero #1. Just a rambling of mine, nothing I feel is really special..
scorn squeezins
By kevin urenda. something different... sometimes vituperative poetry is very cathartic...
soul mates
By kevin. this is more of the epigrammatic stuff... I am chasing down my Muse, though...
Dragon Necklace
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. About me giving a necklace as a gift, then getting it back when we broke up, and me returning it with this note...
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com. Gala's first question and a past happening inspired several poems.
The Afterglow
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com. Pain and regret...
This Night
By C.L. Hollinghead. A little poem I just wrote.
What We Have
By Christopher Lake.
Persephone In The Garden of Hades
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. The legend said this poor girl spent half the year on Earth, and half in Hades---but it never mentioned what she thought of the deal....
Time to Rest
By Claire Brown Bower. Submitted by Author. I love my sister, and today she would have been forty~four. She died eight months ago, in my arms. I hope that it is permissable to share this here, as our love for one another remains one of the true treasures in my life
Don't Bother
By Riggs. another song, don't look for too much meaning in this one.
By Nikki. I read my horoscope today....and I have no idea what this is supposed to be...
By Chris W. at Perby1@aol.com. Rationalizing one's minor psychosis.
Heart Deep
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Had anyone else ever wished for a word that meant more than "I love you?" A rare and special word that you only were allowed to use a few times---because speaking it was nearly sacred?
Touching Tongues (title borrowed from guitarist Steve Vai)
By Chris W.. wasn't worried much about rhythm and such; just going with the senses (per gala's instruction).
Not the same old girl - but still just a girl
By Tara - tberger64@hotmail.com. some language
To The One That Made Me Come Udone
By Tara = tberger64@hotmail.com.
You Didn't Follow Me..
By Zero #1. a question...
By lydia wilson. for a friend
Spilled Myself
By Eric, thenuttman@aol.com. very short, just an idea i had after reading Playing Games by Nikki :-) (which i liked, by the way)
Gone Away
By C.L. Hollinghead. What goes on in my head when my love isn't near me.
Second Chances
By Nikki (precious_lana@hotmail.com). brought on by yet another conversation at work...
In Silence and Solitude
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. I think I had a tad bit too much AD&D...
The Sky and the Heavens
By Lydia Wilson turtletif@hotmail.com. watching the sky from my roof
By laurel ahlfeld . not very good. just trying to think of something to say. didn't work but ah well
Almost Like Athena
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com. I was swimming and thought of this. I always feel like a goddess in the pool.
By Chris W.. playing with an idea...just a start really.
By ZoE.
Fade To White
By ZoE.
Tiger Eyes
By Impatient. waiting
Adrian Dancing
By Starr. what i feel when i see him dancing far from me in a anight club
Kissing Him
By Starr. what happened when we fist kissed
By chris w.. disregard this...i've written it while getting drunk and listening to enya, which makes for a really funky kind of mood.
Pool Of Tears
By Eric, thenuttman@aol.com. not sure if this is finished or not....read it, and see if you think i should rework it or what....thanks
By anonymous. Submitted by Starr. a beutiful poem, sent to me recently...
By Starr. a night to remember...
Online Relationships: The ultimate oxymoron of our times.
By Riggs. it's prose, and a little lengthy but it's relevant.
Fight the Good Fight
By Crystevin. whatever
"His Muse"
By Claire Brown Bower. Submitted by Author. For the exhausted, frustrated, lonely poet, as your muse keeps watch.
Eating Dessert First
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. I know about reason, logic, and all that good stuff....but life really is uncertain so.....
morning gone
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
By iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
wouldn't it be nice
By sinneD. something from last year...
Any Port
By Nikki. inspired by a glorious sunset
searching for you..
By shimmergloom. ..that my humanity is not large enough for you.
How do you sleep?
By Nikki. warning...may be harsh for sensitive viewers
Ethereal Dawn
By hermit69. ..quiet love
By ZoE.
kissing it
By kevin urenda. for some reason, my lil' peanut brain won't give up the epigrammatic stuff... at least this one is a little light hearted
By kevin urenda. at last - a poem! I think...
By the guppy.
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. She does it alot, and its stupidly obvious...
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. It's like a abused animal, I don't think I know better
By Kiwi.
One with the Other
By jai, dejai80@aol.com.
Upon the Hour of Twilight
By Claire. Submitted by Author. This piece wrote itself in my dreaming...
By nikki. trying to reconcile my heart
Yesterdays Moon
By Melody Dawn Cole, MELODYDAWNCOLE@YAHOO.COM . Love lost
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com. he played the guitar for me last night........
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. This is a word we reserve for what is holy---------sealed to the gods..............
By Just a Thought.
Bubble Bath
By Dawn. Submitted by Author.
By the guppy. this is a word we reserve for what is perceived as weakness...there would be no courage if there was no fear...
Caressed by the Wind
By Chris W.. Requested by Deevaa, and inspired by her work.
Mystery of Man's Wife
By Crystevin.
In a corner
By Starr. Submitted by . new thoughts....and remembered feelings
It's True
By ZoE.
Matty, in the right clothes
By ZoE. for Matty
By erin. he hurt me so much...am very confused
she would yell for hours
By erin. he was cheating on me and i just couldnt see it......
What's coming already came
By shimmergloom. my personal thoughts...
By Toklas.
Stranger to Passion
By Zero #1. Hmm...some *reflections should I say* about the stranger of passion, who continues to constantly avoid me, and how that stranger changed my life forever. I guess it's just my little cross to bear.
By Chris W at Perby1@aol.com. just a little ditty.
By the guppy.
sea of tranquility
By sarah iristakeroot@aol.com.
we gathered
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
in the secret
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
By Leela leels39@hotmail.com.
Midnight Embers
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Funny, the sort of things that pass through the waiting heart after midnight.........
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Listening to the rain........
By Indigo_831@yahoo.com. reflections on a love gone wrong
By Indigo_831@yahoo.com. untold pressures can turn love into an act of torture upon the heart
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. I'm sorry everyone...
Cherion's Song
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. I was dared to try my hand at something....so if the poetry police come for me, someone please make my bai
Woman Weeping
By Medusa.
By ZoE. he doesn't smile for me
Ask For It
By ZoE. for Brandon Teena
By lydia wilson turtletif33@hotmail.com.
By lydia wilson turtletif33@hotmail.com.
By Toklas.
By Zero #1 (soul_shine_k@hotmail.com. A friend of mine here on the Blender said this while we were having a conversation...enlightening to say the least.
Letter Of Introduction
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. A printable version for my Male FGK's, when approaching a wench or quality.......
Craving For Sweets
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. Candy? No. Ice Cream? Not! You.............hmmmmmmmm....double scoop please!
Put The Sex on Me
By ZoE. I've been listening to alot of Ella Fitzgerald
Lust/Love Letter
By ZoE. a strange love letter to Shane.
When do you know
By Swtliz@yahoo.com.
ways from home
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com. so i had to say goodbye, now i have to wait another week to see my love!
"Imagination Runs Wild"
By SwtLiz@yahoo.com.
By sinneD.
By Starr. a journey i take nightly...
When we play
By Starr. when you play act in a relationship, it's going to hurt you both...
Rice paper forrest
By Starr. the glowing you get with each new letter...
By Starr. thoughts on a photo shoot...
By Starr. when i settle in to sleep...
how soon is now
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
dark invasion
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com.
Over Within
By Chris W.. going for the grandiose...written while in a really weird mood.
By Freddy forlorn.unicorn@paradise.net.nz. I guess Starr's 'Pictures' inspired this
as I sit here
By Charlotte SeXiLiPRiNCEsS@hotmail.com. a lovers that was left alone
Madly Mistaken
By Zero #1. Hey, this is how it really is
By Zero #1. An old friend of mine and me, discovered this together one fateful night..
By the guppy.
Bon Jovi is cool again
By Impatient. Bon Jovi is Back.
By Freddy forlorn.unicorn@paradise.net.nz. Okay, something really quick, written in a very sad mood, inspired by all the talk about princesses and slippers and frogs and fairy tales :o)
By Chris W. at Perby1@aol.com. well, a different approach for me...slightly graphic i guess. all about those times when you wish he/she was there, but isn't.
To No Avail
By Eric, thenuttman@aol.com. it's 2:15 am...i'm so very tired...but, oddly enough, rhyming words came very easily....sorry for my absence, obviously no one was worried :-)
The Heart Travels
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. People live their lives, but when it comes down to it, the heart has wings for a reason...........
By Dawn. Submitted by dawnc@netsync.net.
Sweet Heart Dance At Mc Connell Park
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60@aol.com. A friend of mine has the habit of offering me challenges-------abd offered this topic last night....please don't kill me Kirk--------
By Christina (Honnie4u@aol.com). When I couldn't break free of the obsession over him
kabuki eyelashes
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com. ummmm its different.
Keen Senses
By Crystevin.
By Freddy forlorn.unicorn@paradise.net.nz. it seems my stuff gets stranger and stranger
By maria evileye@ite.net. this poem is about loving someone who hurts you without knowing it..and silently..
Love Letter (RD)
By Starr. th e letter i posted about on the board, in hop eof help rounding it out...
By Chris W. at Perby1@aol.com. Desperation is an unfun thing.
A candle
By Andrew Bollands ABolla_99@Yahoo.com. Passionate kisses..!!
Hes always in my view..
By Jessie - Golden01@star.net.
To My True Love
By Gleiry Feliz.
By Kare Bare. Submitted by The Frosted One. One of my greatest friends wrote this, she wants to know what I thought of them. please comments on her work are greatly apperciated. I'll make sure she knows what you "loveblenders" think of her work. :)
saving love
By sarah iristakeroot@powerlynk.com. i couldn 't stop crying tonight, and he helped me.
By Nikki. ick...not at all what I thought it was going to be....but they can't all be winners...
By Mnuemosenyne. Submitted by mnuemosenyne@yahoo.com. the burn is not always pleasure.
my prince
By Kiwi.
teardrops and sunshine
By Kiwi. for leela, as promised. :-)
By Maria.
love demon
By no1halo@yahoo.com. ...when everything you say seems to come out all wrong and your hearing seems to be just as effected as your tongue...
An Ode to BestFriendship
By Zero #1 (soul_shine_k@hotmail.com). Best Friends and what they would do for each other. Kind of sickening isn't it?
love is valuable
By tammy bssiegd@prodigy,net. having faith in someone you love
sand angel
By Angel no1halo@yahoo.com. error in present/past tense in first..READ THIS ONE
By Jessie - golden01@star.net. Another poem about my b/f that has been festering. Mainly about sex.. Not the act, but the trouble involved w/not giving it up.
Lifelong Friend
By Hana. written for a friend before we had to leave each other
By maria.
It's Own Sweet Time
By Gala. Submitted by Galadrial60. One of my FGK's needed this...........with love, from Gala
By kiwi.
By Amy Griffing. About a best friend
I Am Shiva
By terry. Love has a price, but you pay with your soul.
What Is Love?
By Holly Green-ariana_16@hotmail.com. what is love really??
Violin Symphony (some harshness)
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com.
to love you?
By liana traylor, kandie_3@yahoo.com.
Falling into Nothing
By Kurtis Gomez soul_shine_k@hotmail. Just a thought I was pondering
When I'm 18 I will...
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. I'm 17, and almost 18, should I be happy?
Who in The Hell are You?
By Yolonda Smith Redhat@hotmail.com. Lied to get the woman of his dreams
By Zero #1. Just some of my frustration...total frustration
By Coda. Questioning ones self regarding a new love
The deepest part
By shimmergloom. just some thoughts of mine, inspired from what I thought was true..
Time to Heal
By Freddy Roemer forlorn.unicorn@paradise.net.nz. A scene so real it's surreal...
By forlorn.unicorn@paradise.net.nz. i don"t know what this is...
Time Frame
By Katie. i'm finally letting him go....
When will I know
By Dawn.
No Simple Answer
By Jenna Holland (poetic_angel@gurlmail.com). Just a question...
Shield Me
By Dawn.
Life as Second Fiddle
3 on the yellow
By Debra654@aol.com. she is in the drivers seat
Standing There
By The Frosted One. just an idea not much
loving me
By maria maria@net999.com.
Other Factors Interfere
By Dallasgirl (texstars9@prodigy.net). a poem about self-awareness
Je Désole
By Hank Christian. Submitted by Hank lovesdoormat@aol.com. Just to say I am truly, deeply, sorry.
We Will See
By Amber Davis, amberdavis60@hotmail.com.
Can You Smile For Me?
By terry. You probably had to be there to get this fully.
O, For What An Ache?
By C.L. Hollinghead-happyami@hotmail.com. O, what for has't broken this sunken heart?
If it's your turn...
By Zero #1 (soul_shine_k@hotmail.com). I wrote this for an audience of one(you know who you are)..it may not make much sense, but it's all I have
By Chris W. at Perby1@aol.com. disjointed, to say the least.
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com. Ranting and raving...haha, don't mind the stupidity...it was a long night
By Impatient. Another woman in the way. For Spin and Chrissy.
My Own Devil
By Zero #1.
By inexperienced. my feelings at the time, don't think I'm crazy as this sounds
Completely Uncomplete
By Zero #1. I'm having trouble right now, with the greatest person to ever happen to me...She may not know it,,,I hope she does..and she probably won't see this..I don't want her to. I'm just too confused right now to even be confused. I love her with all of my soul(she knows who she is) and even though I've seen her once this summer,,,my love for her hasn't changed. She is my soul..inwards, backwards,forwards,upwards,and there again. To you,,,I love you and I hope I'm not right.
By Jessie- Golden01@star.net. Um.. Just a poem that I have been toying w/in my head, time to put it into the veiw of others.
big mistake
By Anonymous sometimes it's best to say nothing..............
If Only You Knew
By Kare Bare. Submitted by The Frosted One. same as above
Live for Today
By MaD. My unanswered question
Just ME!
By Nikki. sometimes, it's just great to be alive
By terry. pondering the nature of courage when the question is love...
By Nikki. I really don't know where this came from...
Love the One you're with
By Impatient. In reply to Riggs.
By Kare Bare. Submitted by The Frosted One . the same as the other one, comments are apperciated
cold feet
By evangeline. i guess this is what happens........
Someday I'll Stay
By Mandy (acidrain@ncci.net). Just trying to explain myself and justify my actions...
By MILI mili_vanili@hotmail.com. why I hate tea?
Laugh it up, boys!
By Nikki. inspired by memories of a drunken party...and the rumors that appeared afterwards.
Love Lost
From This Day On
By Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe. Submitted by laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com. My life has been consumed by rehearsals for the musical "Brigadoon", which opens this weekend. Here's my favorite song from the score as an appology for not writing much lately.
By Eric, thenuttman@aol.com. written by me some time ago in High School...found it...it was short, thought i'd share
Fairytale Fantasies
By Dallasgirl (texstars9@prodigy.net).
The Letter
By Old Wyze Eyes. Submitted by Dallasgirl. A letter from a very special man.....seriously doubt I'll ever be loved quite so well again in this life time.
blinded with silence
By the guppy.
Love's ghost
By Dallasgirl (texstars9@prodigy.net).
By Nikki. restless thoughts...
for love
By sinneD.
In my mind
By Walter R. DuGuay. Submitted by buffcutter@hotmail.com. A poem of a lost love
In Search of My Dream
By Dream. Submitted by Dream4eva@aol.com.
Unforgotten Whispers
By Kurtis soul_shine_k@hotmail.com. An old poem, for an old heart
Self Portrait
By Claire Brown Bower. Submitted by Author. She knew the art of loving ... once.
By Rebekah (zappafiennes@hotmail.com). It really is an odd feeling when you know you'll never see someone again.
Romeo sans Juliet
By Romeo Blue ablueromeo@go.com. Pain, pure and simple
Close Your Eyes (And I'll Be Gone)
By Joel Bjorling bjorling@galesburg.net. accepting the end of a relationship
Reverie's Design
By Claire Brown Bower. Submitted by Author. Would only that aching made it so...
Weeping Willow
By Chris W. @Perby1@aol.com. just going with the imagery. a bit sad.
By Chris W. at Perby1@aol.com. the worst (yet unfortunately necessary) decision of my life
fairy tale
By lydia wilson turtletif33@hotmail.com. i lived a disney classic
By Katie, KJOY151@aol.com. words to an ex-lover, some ramblings of my feelings toward the current situation
Expensive Lesson
By Cam . I can't get him out of my heart.
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. Getting feelings out...
By Author. Submitted by Dawn. Haiku on Betrayal
Your Name
By Anony. Submitted by . a short warm up. A realization
Rock Me Gently
By Anony. mourning of a mutual friend
By Claire Brown Bower. Submitted by Author.
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. She Confesses to me the truth
True love goes to the death
By Bret Armstrong . Submitted by Jen babygirl1021@webtv.net. Two people who find love, one dies, the other can't bare to live without the first.
Candle Light
By TyRee Tyson a.k.a. icechild(Tscaredat@aol.com). I play basketball and I love to write poems it remines me of my girl and my favorite rapper
By Jai, dejai80@aol.com. My first attempt to post my writing, of someone I lost that was very dear.
sleepytime rationale
By the guppy.
Poem for a Broken Man
By Riggs.
By Savage Winter. Submitted by nai@savagewinter.com. i wrote this when my x broke up with me for a girl online.
By katie. a poem describing the man who broke my heart...
Jaded Me
By Savage Winter. Submitted by nai@savagewinter.com. wrote it about him.. the one who left me
get out
By Abs. Submitted by Abby. About trying to forget a lost love
By Chris W.. well, the beginnings of an idea.
thin-air memories
By the guppy.
By Freddy Roemer forlorn.unicorn@paradise.net.nz. A poem I wrote after a strange night out and a strange dream
A teardrop ending
By Katie - KJOY151@aol.com.
By Freddy forlorn.unicorn@paradise.net.nz. In pieces...
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com.
By The Frosted One. this is for you....... you know who you are
By stacey. this is about my ex b/f and my first true love. he lied to me and cheated on me and i just want him back because i felt everything was perfect with him.
By Jillian jill_angel_143@yahoo.com. What I lost
When We Two Parted
By Lord Byron. Submitted by AsIfNamesMattered. Silence and Tears
By A. Netzer. Heat of love turned to cold of rejection
Telephone Bliss
By Jeni (Fantmn1597@aol.com). who knew something so simple could do one heart so much good
The Sunset
By Zero #1 (soul_shine_k@hotmail.com). It's been six months and one day. And you got rid of me over the phone. From January 26th, to June 27..you held on to me. Why didn't you let me go sooner,,,AND WHY WAS I THE ONLY ONE CRYING ON THE PHONE?!?!?! WHY DID YOU Let me go.....I loved you.
By Roxanne A.. Submitted by Roxanne A. lizar@prodigy.net. For the rejected to one of the greatest myteries in life. LIFE.
By Phish. Submitted by the guppy. ...and this band is ripped on for their lyrics...
By MILI mili_vanili@hotmail.com. when he goes and I am left to sleep alone
Better Off
By Stephen stephen_sherm@hotmail.com. They always wanna be your friends after they rip your heart out, is that what they really want?
Admiring From Afar
By Rose. Without touch or conversation, two become one. Written in projection of another's thoughts
My Friend
By Troy Young. Poem of love of a family member passed on.
Just A Look
By Dallasgirl (texstars9@prodigy.net).
By Old Wyze Eyes. Submitted by Dallasgirl. A favorite poem written for me by OWE
I thought you should know!
By Angel tiggerangel@hotmail.com. I wrote this for someone I had a crush on.
Art De Vous
By Hank Christian. Submitted by Hank lovesdoormat@aol.com. Dedicated to Deevaa, the very best flirt a cowboy ever come across in matters of the heart. ;>)
By TyRee Tyson a.k.a. icechild(Tscaredat@aol.com). I met this girl who was hurt bad and i just wanted a chance to her heart so i wrote this
idle day dreams
By deevaa (deevaa@paradise.net.nz). hmmm... dreams are free
absence makes the heart grow fonder
By Coda. a haiku about distance
Heaven's Caress
By laurel ahlfeld drama_queen_ja@hotmail.com.
Vœux (Wishes)
By Hank Christian. Submitted by Hank lovesdoormat@aol.com. Thoughts of that special someone a world away.
Love On The Net
What you did to me
By Kate. Submitted by girl3@mail.com. about somome who broke my heart last year
time winds
By mickyw44@hotmail.com. written at a sad time in my life

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